Good news for farmers! Low interest loan term extended

In order for the producers to use interest discounted loans within the scope of the Decision on strategic plant production; safflower, sunflower for oil, grain corn, rapeseed, soybean, sesame, olive for oil and medicinal aromatic plants “thyme, rose for oil, lavender for oil, lemon balm, ginger, sahlep, rosemary, sage, frankincense, sumac, carob, laurel, basil , blueberry (likapa), aronia, linden, saffron and jojoba” production. New investment credits will not be extended for greenhouse banana cultivation, and special criteria discount rates will not be applied to new business credits. Fixed milking facilities, fully automatic milking machines (milking robots), fixed solar energy systems, linear and center pivot irrigation systems and greenhouse heaters, Agricultural Machinery and Agricultural Technology Tools published in the Official Gazette dated 9/10/2020 and numbered 31269. Within the scope of the Regulation on Test and Audit Principles, the test report prepared on the basis of the enterprise will be taken as the basis instead of the credit conformity certificate. Credit requests of irrigation unions for the purchase of tools and equipment required to produce the electricity needs of irrigation facilities from solar energy source and for the establishment of facilities will be evaluated within the scope of the Decision. Credit requests for the purchase of a common milking unit (milking machine/system and cooling tank purchase) and milk analyzer, feed mixer, baler are also considered within this scope, provided that they are compatible with the capacities of the partners/members of agricultural cooperatives and producer unions. For this purpose, agricultural cooperatives or producer unions that will request a loan, the names of the partners/members who will benefit from the joint milking unit and information about the milking animal assets will be reported to the Bank or TKK, depending on their interest, in a written list.


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