Good luck Hakan Carrier! He said this knowing that he would be lynched.

This week’s guest of 24 TV’s popular program “Questions in Purgatory” was singer Hakan Taşyan…

Having overcome the health problems she experienced and returning to her old days, Taşyan sincerely answered Esra Elönü’s questions.

Stating that everyone should take care of their country, Taşyan harshly criticized those who are burning with dreams of going abroad.

“The artist will not stick out his tongue left and right”

Transferring that the artist should do his job, Taşyan said, “Everyone will know their place. The artist will sing his song. He should be proud of the UAV / SİHA. He will not stretch his tongue left and right. There is no such thing. Do your job, sing, don’t do anything else. Sing if you’re singing, stand there if you’re not. Nobody wants anything from you. Do not be limitless, know your limits. Listening religions you and be proud.” she said.

“Everywhere is the enemy”

Stating that one should be proud of what has been done in Turkey, Taşyan said, “This country is our country. You see our right, our left, our enemies. Enemy on all sides. Therefore, how happy is the one who says I am a Turk… We are the children of this country. We are the children of this land with its Kurds, Alevis and Circassians. We should be proud. It’s all ours, UAV, SİHA. Because they are ours, we should be proud of ourselves. We have to own it. If you don’t take care of me, I will interfere with you. May the outstretched arm be upon us.” he said.

“If you don’t like it, leave this country”

“Thank God we live in such a country. These endless people have not seen foreign countries.” Taşyan continued:

“Let them come out and see. Either you will love this country or you will. If you don’t like it, leave this country. Let those who give their rights live in this country. If this country is too much for you, you are too much for this country. Have a nice trip. So what do we do…”