‘Golden Lens’ awards presented to their owners

Awards rained down on Ciner Media Group

Magazine Journalists AssociationOrganized by the 26th ‘Golden Lens Awards‘ ceremony was held at CVK Park Bosphorus with the participation of famous names. The ‘Golden Lens Awards’, the most prestigious statuette in the world of theatre, music, cinema and TV, found their owners with a magnificent organization.

SHOW TVAs the media sponsor of the night, which was supported by Ebru Akel with Murat Guloglu assumed. While the red carpet ceremony was the scene of the elegance race, as every year, with its magnificent sound. Şevval Samleft their mark on the night with their songs. In the night where the best of the year awards are given in series, movies, music, entertainment, TV programs and various media branches. Ciner Media Group notable for the awards he received.

Haberturk.com Editor-in-Chief Yavuz Barlas presented his awards to his colleagues.

Haberturk.com Editor-in-Chief Yavuz Barlas presented his awards to his colleagues.


SHOW TV hit the screens on Thursday evenings. ‘Let Life Come As It Knows’ The series added a new one to its awards. ‘Let Life Come As It Knows’While receiving the ‘Action Romance Series of the Year’ award, the popular lead actors of the series Revolution Ozkan and Ozge Ozberkwon an award in the category of ‘Action Romance Series Actress of the Year’. ‘Let Life Come As It Knows’‘s awards Ozge Ozberk and Revolution Ozkan He took it together by saying ‘female power’. Özge Özberk in her award speech Altan Donmez, Gani Gospel, BKM and Necati Akpinarto ‘a, ‘Let Life Come As It Knows’ Thanks to everyone who contributed to it. With the character of “Sadi Payaslı”, which he gave life to in the series, he did not fall off the agenda. Ertan Saban He was awarded the ‘Action Romance Series Actor Male of the Year’ award.


SHOW TVTolga Sarıtaş, the successful lead actor of the popular TV series Baba, received the ‘Drama Series Actor of the Year’ award. Tolga Saritas“It is a very nice thing to be deemed worthy of this award. I would like to thank everyone who deems this worthy of me”. We all get along very well with each other. It is a great chance to play with Haluk Bilginer. The project took on a different shell in the new season. We are also eagerly awaiting the reaction of our audience.”

It is watched with interest by everyone with its correct and impartial agenda. SHOW Main Newssuccessful announcer of Send Dilarawon the ‘Woman Newscaster of the Year’ award. News from Turkey and the world, topics that do not fall on the agenda every weekday SHOW TV to the screens ‘Ebru & Murat This Morning’ The program was selected as ‘Morning Program of the Year’. The award was also presented by the host of the night. Ebru Akel and Murat Guloglu took.

Omur Sabuncuogluof, SHOW TVof ‘Sunday Surprise’ His interview with Pedro Alonso, who played the Berlin character in ‘La Casa De Papel’, was the ‘Interview of the Year’. Atakan MakarCem Yılmaz-Uraz Kaygılaroğlu won the ‘Magazine Image of the Year’ award with his holiday images published in ‘Sunday Surprise’. The ‘News of the Year’ award was announced by Aysun Kayacı years later in Bodrum. Hakan Yagciwent to

Ferit Tuğluk - Reşat Balcıoğlu - Mür Sabuncuoğlu - Hakan Yağcı - Onur Aydın

Ferit Tugluk – Reşat Balcioglu – Omur Sabuncuoglu – Hakan Yagci – Onur Aydin

‘Internet News of the Year’ awards newsturk.comWith the news “Snatch-up Shock in Cannes” from Mehmet CaliskanWith the news of Aysun Kayacı’s First Frame After 15 Years Onur Aydinand with the news of Kaan Urgancıoğlu Ferit Tuglukwas given to

Onur Aydın - Mehmet & Ccedil;alliskan - Ferit Tugluk

Onur Aydin – Mehmet Caliskan – Ferit Tugluk


Bloomberg HTThe address of the insatiable chat, where colorful names are guests every weekday in .The Truth with Aslı Şafak”received the ‘Conversation Program of the Year’ award.

Haberturk TV‘also Guntay Simsek Turkey’s aviation and tourism program, prepared by ‘airport’was awarded the ‘Actual Program of the Year’ award.

Attending the ‘Golden Lens Awards’ ceremony Esra Baydar, General Manager of SHOW TV; ‘Aydınlıkevler’, ‘Theatre Award of the Year’ and Demet AkbagHe presented the ‘Lifetime Honor Award’ to . Aynur Demirtaş İşmen, Editor-in-Chief of SHOW TV, overnight; ‘Town Doctor’ and ‘Very Nice Moves These are 2; İpek Durkal, Deputy General Manager of SHOW TV if Derya Ulug with herepresented the awards to

Tolga Saritas

Tolga Saritas


Winner of ‘Best Actor’ in a Drama Series SHOW TVone of the phenomenon series ‘Father’protagonist of Tolga Saritas was among the attendees. Sarıtaş said, “I would like to thank the Magazine Journalists Association. It is especially valuable that someone from the sector is deemed worthy in this way. It’s like our next door neighbor is giving us a prize. Because we are all different parts of this big industry. A very valuable award, I left my work and came right away. The ‘Father’ series is also a very special project. We all get along very well with each other. It is a great chance to play with Haluk Bilginer. The project took on a different shell in the new season. We are also eagerly awaiting the reaction of our audience.”

Salih Bademci, Demet Akbag, Ebru Akel

Salih Bademci, Demet Akbag, Ebru Akel


Salih Bademci, who was deemed worthy of the ‘Actor of the Year’ award, answered the questions of the press members before the ceremony. Bademci said, “I am excited and proud. This year was lucky. I came across some good projects. I have worked with very good teams. It wasn’t really a coincidence. A large percentage of the work is due to the good teamwork. “I did not expect such an explosion myself,” he said.

“It would be unfair to riot against this density”

Winner of the ‘Pop Woman Commentator of the Year’ award Derya Ulugimpresses with its red carpet elegance. Uluğ said, “This is the first time I am receiving this award from MGD. At the same time, tabloid journalists are very valuable to us. Because you are a big part of our business. Therefore, receiving this award from you is very meaningful to me.” used the phrases.

The reporters said, “You gave a lot of concerts during the summer season. Recently, you took the stage before the match of our Amputee National Team. What would you like to say about them?” Uluğ replied, “For me, it was a spiritual and prestigious job. I am someone who follows the success of the national team. We put together a show that really suits them. I will share their videos soon. As for the summer, it was a very busy summer. We slept on the roads. We slept a lot during the pandemic, so it would be unfair to rebel against this intensity.” he said.

Ebru Yasar

Ebru Yasar

Ebru Yaşar asked the reporters, “When will you release a new song?” Yaşar said, “I want it too. We gave a lot of concerts in the summer, I hope to go into the studio and prepare a song in the winter. There is nothing certain at the moment.” gave the answer.

Speaking about the murdered musician Onur Şener, Ebru Yaşar said, “I am very sorry. I am sorry first as a person and then as an artist. It’s something that can happen to anyone. Such mentalities should sink to the ground. We will announce these so that some minds should be warned.”

Şevval Sam

Şevval Sam


‘Project Album of the Year Award’nude Sevval Sam, He received his award both at night and he went on stage and sang his popular songs. Sam said: “Thank you to everyone who nominated us for the award. After receiving the award, I gave a small concert. Frankly, I wanted to announce the pieces of that project.” said.

Talking about the songs of the Black Sea, Sam said, “There are some heirlooms from Kazım Koyuncu. Although I am not from the Black Sea, I feel like I am from the Black Sea with all my heart. The Black Sea has embraced me. I am receiving this award on behalf of the late Hasan Saltık, who took part in the project.”

The awards were presented to the musician who lost his life as a result of the attack in Ankara. Onur SenerIt was dedicated to.

After receiving their awards, they expressed their feelings on stage with the following words:

Demet Akbag: It’s a beautiful night, MGD Awards are always very precious to me. I receive this award on behalf of everyone who does not compromise their profession. Also, the game ‘Aydınlıkevler’ is very special to me. This award also takes the pulse of the public. I am happy to be back on stage after a long hiatus.

Salih Bademci: Indeed, it is an incredible feeling to be here, to be part of the MGD awards. The dreams you inspire are important, Demet Akbağ and Yılmaz Erdoğan were my idols. I am trying to move forward on this path. Thank you very much everyone.

Derya Ulug

Derya Ulug

Derya Ulug: Thank you MGD because this job is part of our job. I am receiving my award on behalf of Onur Şener, who was killed last night because he did not sing.

here: Thank you to everyone who nominated me for this award. These awards are a source of motivation for us. Good night everyone.

Izzet Yildizhan: I received these awards for the first time in 2000. MGD Awards are very important for us artists, thank you everyone.

Resat Balcioglu, Selcuk Balci

Resat Balcioglu, Selcuk Balci

Selcuk Balci: I receive these awards on behalf of Onur Şener, who was killed after not playing the request song.

Sefo: This is the second time I receive this award. I receive my award on behalf of Onur Şener, who was murdered.

Cagla Sikel: It is very special to be here, I would like to thank everyone who deemed me worthy of this award.

Esra Erol: I am receiving this award on behalf of all women. Thank you MGD.

Caner Topcu: This is my first award and I’m so excited. Thank you to MGD for making this happen. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family, audience and teachers.

Tolga Saritas: It’s great to be worthy of this award. Thank you to everyone who made this possible for me.

Özge Özberk

Ozge Ozberk

Ozge Ozberk: Thank you so much everyone, it’s been an incredible night.

East Demirkol: This is my eighth award this year. Even if I don’t get an award until 2035, these are enough for me.

Burcu Bircik: I really wanted to receive this award. I cried to receive this award. I cried on my first project. Then they told me that you cry so beautifully. They said keep crying. I’m still crying too. It is a special honor for me to receive this award from magazine journalists. We are always in contact with each other. Hoping to coincide with them in the best news.

'Aydinlikevler' theater team

‘Aydinlikevler’ theater team

Esra Baydar, General Manager of SHOW TV, to Demet Akbağ with “Aydınlıkevler”Actress of the Year Female“To Salih Bademci, “Actor of the Year Male” presented his awards. Baydar also said to Demet Akbağ, “Lifetime Achievement“He also gave the award.

Theater Awards
Play of the Year: Aydınlıkevler
Actress of the Year Woman: Demet Akbag – Aydınlıkevler
Actor Male of the Year: Salih Bademci – Aydınlıkevler

Music Awards
Commentator of the Year, Pop Woman: Derya Ulug
Commentator of the Year Pop Male: here
Arabesque Fantasy Commentator of the Year: Izzet Yildizhan
Alternative Commentator of the Year: Selcuk Balci
Project Album of the Year: Şevval Sam
Rap Singer of the Year: Sefo

Press Profession Honor Awards
Sema Denker
Muge Dagestanli
Ozlem Avci
Gulsen Yuksel
Ugur Soysal
Sayit Durmaz
Birsen Altuntas