Gold coins found during kitchen remodel going up for auction

18th-century gold coins found under the kitchen floors of a home remodel in northern Britain are valued at more than 5 million pounds.

Photo: Spink & Son

According to CNN’s report, the auction house Spink & Son announced the discovery. ‘One of the greatest treasures of 18th century British gold ever discovered in Britain’ called it.

In 2019, residents of their home in Ellerby, North Yorkshire, who renovated their kitchens, found an earthen cup covered with salt under the concrete and floorboards. More than 260 gold coins dating from 1610-1727 were found inside the glass-sized cup.

Experts say the estimated value of the coins is $116,000 (2 million 113 thousand lira) when viewed with today’s spending power.

The estimated value for the auction is around 290 thousand dollars (5 million 283 thousand liras).

The press release states that the funds belonged to Joseph Fernley – Sarah Maisters, who married in 1694.
It is stated that between the 16th and 18th centuries, he was engaged in the trade of iron, timber and coal and produced lawyers.

Gregory Edmund of Spink & Son, who will hold the auction next month, said: “Joseph and Sarah to the newly formed Bank of England, and ‘to the banknote Because they did not trust them, they preferred to keep the coin from the English Civil War and before at home” said.

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