Giant savings from energy panels to Galatasaray

Galatasaraythanks to the solar power plant placed on Nef Stadium in partnership with Enerjisa Enerji, achieved great savings.

EuronewsIn the news in , it was stated that the installed panels met 65 percent of the stadium’s electricity needs.

In the news, it was stated that a profit of approximately 400 thousand euros was obtained in the period from January to August.

In addition, it was stated that the savings achieved are close to the electricity consumption of 2 thousand houses and that this system will prevent the cutting of nearly 200 thousand trees in 25 years.

The project entered the Guinness Book of Records

The project, realized by Galatasaray in partnership with Enerjisa Enerji, entered the Guinness Book of Records. The stadium managed to enter the Guinness Book of Records with the title of the strongest stadium powered by solar energy.

In March this year, the Solar Power Plant commissioning and Guinness Record presentation ceremony was held at Nef Stadium.

Burak Elmas, the president of Galatasaray at that time, said in his statement at the ceremony, “Galatasaray is breaking new ground again. The end of this important project, which was signed under the management of our late president Mustafa Cengiz, coincided with our term. I would like to thank our late president Mustafa Cengiz and the board of directors for their efforts. We also thank Enerjisa for cooperating with us on this matter. They concluded this important project in a short time. They completed another important project for the future of Galatasaray and Turkey, by completing it on time, even a little earlier. Much more in our stadium. “We have a project to generate more income by activating the function, to turn it into a commercial area that generates income items outside of match days. This investment we made with Enerjisa is of great importance for this project. The power plant built on the stadium will generate serious income at the end of 25 years. In fact. a serious cost for our club after the project was put into use. started to provide a serious advantage in energy costs. The solar power plant is the first project in Turkey with a performance-based business model on the roof of the stadium. In this sense, we are very proud that Galatasaray is the club that realized this first project,” he said.