Giant natural gas storage in Marmara – News


EUROPE because of the war between Ukraine and Russia natural gas As Turkey grapples with the crisis, Marmara It is about to implement a giant project that will store 4.6 billion cubic meters of natural gas in the former natural gas field at the bottom of the Sea. Thanks to the Northern Marmara Natural Gas Storage Dispatch Project, which was carried out in cooperation with Kolin-Kalyon and where the first natural gas will be delivered at the end of the year, there will be no shortage of natural gas this winter.

Mehmet Kalyoncu, Chairman of Kalyon İnşaat, said, “When the works 2 thousand meters below the seabed are completed, approximately 10 percent of Turkey’s annual natural gas consumption will be stored here. This means meeting the natural gas needs of approximately 5 million households. Turkey’s gas will be in pocket in a possible war,” he said.


Turkish Petroleum Corporation left the region after extracting the natural gas reserve discovered off the coast of Silivri in the 1980s. When the use of the idle area as a natural gas storage came to the agenda, seismic surveys were carried out and natural gas storage studies began. Kolin and Kalyon partnership undertook the project called the Northern Marmara Natural Gas Storage Dispatch Project. At the moment, work is being done to prepare the area where natural gas will be stored on platforms in the middle of the sea.

We traveled to that platform in the middle of Marmara to see the works in place. We held a short information meeting before sailing. During our trip, Kalyon İnşaat Chairman of the Board Mehmet Kalyoncu, Project Director Sercan Kalyoncu and Project Coordinator Zeliha Arda accompanied us.

Giant natural gas storage in Marmara


In these days when Europe is grappling with the energy crisis, Turkey has a 2.84 billion cubic meter warehouse and a 25 million cubic meter daily back production facility in its Silivri storage area. When the project is completed, the storage area will increase to 4.6 billion cubic meters and the daily back production will increase to 75 million cubic meters. For this purpose, Anadolu-01 and Aras platforms were established in the Sea of ​​Marmara. A total of 18 wells will be drilled under the fixed offshore platforms. The life of each well drilled will be 30 years.



Anadolu-01 is Turkey’s first drilling platform. While visiting the platform, Mehmet Kalyoncu conveyed the importance of the facility with these words: “This is a natural gas storage facility. It has strategic importance in wars or sudden gas cuts. It is a precautionary infrastructure that countries take in order not to cut natural gas supply at points where a problem is encountered at the supply-demand point. It allows them to buy natural gas when it is cheap, store it here, and not buy it at high prices when it is expensive. In other words, it is a project that will increase our energy costs and security of supply. Countries with full warehouses have a strong hand in agreements with other countries. If your warehouse is zero, your bargaining chance decreases.



The personnel on the drilling platforms work in 12-hour shifts for 30 days and do not set foot on the land during this period, except for emergencies. In the infirmary, a doctor and medical team are ready 24/7. There is also an ambulance helicopter dedicated to the project 24/7. Ataturk It is already at the airport with its 2 pilots. In cases where the use of helicopters is not possible, fast boats are planned for transports. So far, no accident requiring emergency response has occurred. Every personnel working on the sea platform is subject to a special certification called BOSİET. In addition, according to their duties, each personnel is required to fulfill special training and certification requirements. Each physical or non-physical operation on the platform is subject to specific work permits, training, and specific approval series. Before each activity, the work to be done is defined, the risks are determined, and the activities are started after the approval of the authorized supervisors.



Zeliha Arda, the only female executive board member of Kalyon Holding, says that although the number of female employees on land is quite high, they are not preferred by women due to the challenging conditions of the ship. However, there are also a limited number of female employees on the platform. Öykü Aksoy has been responsible for mechanical works for 1.5 months. He is responsible for the night shift and Veysel Hansu for the daytime. It’s an honor to work in a male dominated field for Öykü. According to him, after a certain point, there is no distinction between men and women.