Giant brand Converse went crazy! 650 TL shoes are sold for 100 TL!

Converse, one of the world’s leading shoe brands, has a great campaign for end-of-season products.

Converse Even if you have never used the brand, you must have heard of it. This brand, which is famous for its cloth shoes, was going crazy in Turkey for a while. The brand, which is especially popular with high school youth, started to play with every model.

Although years have passed Converse it never lost its popularity. When you try to buy a regular season product right now, Converse It is possible to pay prices of 500 TL or more. But if you prefer end-of-season products, it is much cheaper. Converse you can own.

As you know, shoe prices have increased considerably recently. So much so that even a normal sneaker 400500 TL Sold at approx. Nike, Adidas, Puma The new season products of popular brands such as being sold.

Giant brand Converse went crazy! Shoes for 100 TL!

Here, we will have a suggestion that will sound like a medicine at this cost. Converse The end-of-season products of the popular brand are currently on a significant discount.

Under normal conditions, you can buy it for 500 TL or more. Converse You can currently buy the model for under 200 TL according to your foot number.

Sale page Let me remind you before giving the link. Prices vary according to numbers. But in general, it can be said that the prices are around 150 TL. If you wish, the discount sales page from here you can take a look.


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