Get your money from that bank immediately, the payments have started

Purchasing power of the citizens decreased with the increasing inflation and the fluctuation in the dollar exchange rate in Turkey. While millions of people were struggling to make a living, support payments were increased by the state in 2023. According to the last minute statement, that bank will pay millions of people. The only requirement is to write your name on your invoice. Here are the details of the support package…

Since the beginning of 2022, many products have been increased one after another and the purchasing power of the citizens has decreased. As such, millions of people have been struggling to make ends meet. Support payments made by the state were increased with the new year. The expected news has arrived. If your name is written on this part of your invoice, you have lived. You can go to that bank and get your money immediately. Here are the details…


With the increasing inflation in our country, the purchasing power of the citizens gradually decreased. The state and banks that have taken steps in this direction continue to work in 2023. electricity to your home and gas billsIf your name is written on it, you lived. Yapı Kredi Bank’You can go to the office with your invoice and get your money immediately. They pay everyone 150 TL.

In the statements made by Yapı Kredi Bank, campaigns were rapidly increased in order to increase the number of customers. In this process, customers who give three new automatic billing orders will be paid 100 liras, while citizens will pay a total of 150 liras, 50 liras, for a new instruction to be given from their credit card in this process.


Information about the campaign was shared by Yapı Kredi. 100 TL points for 3 new automatic bill payments or HGS orders you will give between 11 December 2022 – 10 January 2023! Moreover, when you give from your credit card, you will earn an extra 50 TL for 3 new instructions and a total of 150 TL points. You can instantly download Yapı Kredi Mobile to your smart phone by clicking on the Download Yapı Kredi Mobile button to issue Automatic Payment Orders and easily perform your banking transactions.



Details of Yapı Kredi’s special campaign for its customers were shared. The following statements were used in the announcement;

Between 11 December 2022 and 10 January 2023, our customers will be able to earn 100 TL points for 3 new instructions they will give.

Within the scope of the campaign, a total of 50 TL extra points will be earned for 3 new automatic payment orders you will place from your credit cards.

To participate in the campaign; After writing INSTRUCTIONS and leaving a space, the 11-digit TR ID number should be sent to 4470 via SMS.

Participation applications sent from mobile phones that are not registered in our system will not be considered.
The campaign is only valid for the invoice and HGS instructions you will define. If previously defined orders are canceled and reissued, they will not be included in the campaign.

For each instruction given during the campaign, the relevant invoice/invoices must be paid automatically at least once between 11 December 2022 and 10 February 2023.

For each instruction given during the campaign, the instruction must be valid for 6 months after the campaign end date.

Points earned within the scope of the campaign will be credited to your credit or debit card on February 15, 2023. It can take up to 2 business days for scores to be credited.

In order to be rewarded, the customer must have at least 1 available credit or debit card on the award date.