Georgian basketball player Sanadze talked about the tension he had with Furkan Korkmaz

The Georgian basketball player answered the questions of the press after the training at the Tbilisi Arena.

Claiming that Furkan did not use an expression that would cause him anger, Sanadze said:

“Before what happened between us, I was already angry because I thought I made a clean block in the position where I was fouled. I objected to the referee because of the decision. Then I passed him (Furkan). I said it was a ridiculous whistle. Maybe he understood something different, but his reaction was astonishing. “I didn’t say anything. Then we came face to face with the intensity of emotion at that moment. Even though we won the match, I am not happy with what happened. It shouldn’t have happened like this. I respect the players of the Turkish National Team and the technical committee. It was an event that happened because of the pressure and intensity of emotion to win.”

Regarding his attacking Furkan Korkmaz with some of his teammates on his way to the locker room after the match, Sanadze said, “I hope the truth will come out. Everyone is waiting for the official decision. Nothing happened as stated. My teammates and I were going to the locker room. There was a verbal exchange between us and the other side. “We got pretty close. Then the security guards came between us. We couldn’t fight because the security guards came between us. There was a scuffle. As far as I know, nobody hit anybody, but there are reports that there were people injured as a result of the fight. As I said at the beginning, I am not happy with what happened. From my side, this is what happened.” used the phrases.

Sanadze asked a Georgian press member, “Do you think the incident was a provocation by Turkey?” To the question, “No. Neither they nor we have provocation in the incident. Maybe he misunderstood what I said under the emotional intensity of the match. I didn’t insult him. I was just objecting to the referee’s decision. I was trying to distract him before I went to the free throw line, which is normal in basketball. “No matter how surprised I am, such things can happen on the field. I am not happy at all because of the incident. Because we are neighboring countries. I am sorry. I hope they are sad too. I hope we will shake hands when we meet.” expressed an opinion.