Gazprom announces that it has completely cut off gas flow to Europe

Russian energy company Gazpromannounced that natural gas shipments from the Nord Stream pipeline have been suspended for an indefinite period.

In a written statement from Gazprom, it was stated that malfunctions were detected in a turbine in Nord Stream, which was taken into maintenance on August 31 and is expected to be operational again tomorrow.

Pointing out that natural gas delivery from the line cannot be made without repairing the faults, it was noted in the statement that it was therefore decided to suspend the natural gas delivery via Nord Stream for an indefinite period.


Gazprom announced on 19 August that Nord Stream is due to scheduled maintenance. 31 AugustIt was reported that natural gas flow will be stopped for three days starting from .

Nord Stream is known as one of the important lines carrying Russian gas to Europe, as well as the Yamal-Europe pipeline and the pipelines in Ukraine.

After the start of the Ukraine war, while the shipments over the Yamal-Europe line were completely stopped, the shipments over Ukraine decreased by about half.

While Russian officials claim that the problems in natural gas shipments to Europe are caused by sanctions, European officials claim that Russia is using energy resources as a weapon.

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