Galatasaray determined the transfer fee of Sacha Boey!

Galatasaray He managed to get the critical 3 points in the much-discussed Sivasspor match. With this result, the Yellow-Red team is their arch rival. Fenerbahce He finished the year 2022 as the leader, 1 point ahead of (32).

New striker Baris Alper Yilmaz

Barış Alper Yılmaz, who brought Galatasaray 3 critical points away from Sivas with his 90+5 goal, continues to follow the footsteps of Burak Yılmaz, one of the most important scorers of Turkish football. Barış Alper, who started his career on the wing just like Burak, but attracted attention with his finishing strokes after taking the center forward position, said that this analogy made him proud.

His teacher, Okan Buruk, is also preparing to benefit more from the young talent in the forward end. Buruk, who completely sacrificed Seferovic, will use Barış as a striker in the absence of Icardi or when Gomis is insufficient.

Sacha Boey’s transfer fee determined

At the beginning of the season, his name is at the top of the list to be sent. Sacha Boey suddenly took on a completely different identity. According to the news of Fanatik, he was paid only 1 million Euros at the beginning of last season. transfer The French right-back was priced at 15 million Euros. Official offers are expected to come to the 22-year-old football player, who improves his performance in Galatasaray every week and attracts the attention of European giants. Not wanting to miss the young player, the Yellow-Red People determined the transfer fee they wanted for the star football player.

Galatasaray management, in addition to opening the door from 15 million Euros, is preparing to put an end to new contract negotiations. The price may increase even more. The Yellow-Red People, who have been in talks with Boey for a while and have largely agreed, are planning to sign and make an official statement as of January. New sources to the club state that if a new contract with a price increase is signed, the club may increase its testimonial demand even more.