Galatasaray and championship words from Lucas Torreira

Lucas Torreira, who started his interview by saying “Good morning, thank you”, said, “We are in an intense training tempo. We work with valuable people.”

Uruguayan, who was asked to evaluate the Kasımpaşa match, “It was a good result for us. It was very important for us to show the team spirit rather than the result in the Kasımpaşa match. Everyone showed a team spirit together with the goal, defense, midfield, offensive line, reserves and technical team. We played a good match. We made the fans happy. We slowly started to do what the teacher wanted. We create triangles on the field. It also helps us to do these things. It was a good game for us,” he said.

Regarding the match they will play with Konyaspor, Lucas Torreira said, “An important match. The support of the fans is much more important. We play much better with their support. They did not leave us alone in the last match. Our last match before the national break. When we win, we have a chance to lead. It is important on the way to the championship. “It’s a game. We will do our best to win,” he said.

When asked about the factors in choosing Galatasaray, the midfielder said, “Muslera has been an important part of my coming here. We spoke to him before he came. It helped me a lot. He explained the project and the projects about what we want to do here. We talked to Erden Bey (Timur), our teacher, the president. The fans are also a very important part here. I came here to achieve good things, to be a part of this project. Galatasaray is a really big club‘ he replied.

Torreira, who was asked to describe his compatriot Muslera, said, “As a Uruguayan, he is a great person, who I see great. “This excites me. Not only Galatasaray fans but also other team supporters respect him. Youth teams idolize him. I am happy to play with him.”

Evaluating the atmosphere of Ali Sami Yen as “Fantastic”, Torreira continued: “There’s a great fan here. They took me among themselves. They greeted us at four in the morning. Uruguayan fans are also very passionate. The fans here are also very passionate. They resemble each other. I like to dedicate myself to the fans in my team. I felt very close. I see a lot of support from the fans. I think he’s a great fan.”

Reminding him of dancing halay at a restaurant he went to with Muslera, Torreira said, “We had a very pleasant day. We had the chance to meet the owner of the restaurant there. We had the opportunity to get to know Turkish culture and food with them. It was a pleasant day. Fernando also told me about getting to know Istanbul and Turkey. “It helps us. We learned a lot about Turkey that day,” he said.

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