Gain’s new drama “Penalties” will meet the audience on September 29

“Penalties”, written by Ayberk Çınar and Murat Can Oğuz, directed by Murat Can Oğuz, and signed by Most Production, will be published on September 29.

Speaking after the screening, Murat Can Oğuz said that they wanted the audience to feel himself in the series and said, “Our aim was to make the audience feel like they were someone in that hospital. We love fake documentary productions, we wanted to do something a little close to it. We wanted to do something similar to that documentary language without exaggerating it but preserving it.” We wanted to continue.” said.

Ayberk Çınar, the screenwriter of the series, which tells a story that takes place in the criminal ward of the psychiatry clinic, also expressed that they wanted the audience to be a little confused, saying, “Our main character is also confused. Because our understanding of exactly what happened continues as an element of curiosity until the end. It was a long work process. Finally, we finished the project beautifully. I think we’re done.” he said.

Yiğit Özşener, the leading actor of the series, described Cezailer as a very brave project and thanked all his working friends who mediated it.

In addition to Özşener, the cast of the series includes Rıza Kocaoğlu, Esra Bezen Bilgin, Ushan Çakır, Onur Ünsal, Hayal Köseoğlu, Hakan Karsak, Şerif Erol, Görkem Kasal and Cem Zeynel Kılıç.

“Penalties”, which is about the events that started with a psychiatrist’s mind to repeat the Rosenhan Experiment in Turkey in 1969, which is described as one of the most interesting experiments in the history of science, carried out in psychiatric hospitals in the USA, is filled with patients with kleptomania, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and manic depression. Describes what happened in the clinic.