G7 countries condemn “fake referendums” in Ukraine

Condemnation of “fake referendums” from G7 countries

The G7 countries, consisting of Germany, USA, Britain, France, Italy, Japan and Canada, are located in eastern Ukraine. Russia He strongly condemned the referendums launched in the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk people’s republics, under the control of pro-separatists, and in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions to join Russia.

According to the news of AA; “We strongly condemn the phony referendums that are being used to create a false pretext to change the status of Ukraine, which has been attacked by Russia,” the joint written statement said. expression was used.

In the statement, it was emphasized that the referendum clearly violated the United Nations resolutions and international law, and was in stark contrast to the rule of law among nations.

It was noted that the “fake referendums” had no legal effect or legitimacy, and in no way represented a legitimate expression of the will of the Ukrainian people, who constantly resist Russia’s efforts to forcefully change borders.


It was also stated that the G7 countries will never recognize the so-called annexation of the said regions to Russia.

Deploring Russia’s deliberate escalation of tensions, including partial mobilization and irresponsible nuclear statements, the G7 countries urged all other countries to unequivocally reject these phony referendums, which are an attempt to fake Russia’s violations of international law.

It was emphasized that we are ready to incur more economic costs to individuals and organizations inside and outside Russia that provide political or economic support to Russia’s illegal attempts to change the status of Ukrainian lands.

Pointing out that the determination to provide the support Ukraine needs to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity, to defend itself and to choose its own future continues, “We will continue to provide financial, humanitarian, military, diplomatic and legal support to Ukraine. “We will advance the country’s rebuilding efforts, including the conference on the Recovery, Reconstruction and Modernization of Ukraine, which will be held in May. We will stand firm with Ukraine no matter how long it takes.” statements were included.