Fuat Oktay: They are afraid to confront Recep Tayyip Erdogan


President assistant Fuat Oktay, visited the tradesmen in Akyurt district of Ankara and chatted with the citizens in Cumhuriyet Square. Oktay, reminding a citizen here that the 6-side table has not announced the presidential candidate yet, said, “They are waiting for whom I will nominate. They are hesitant to confront Recep Tayyip Erdoğan because none of them has confidence in him.”


Oktay later visited the AK Party Akyurt District Presidency. Oktay, who then moved to Akyurt Municipality, addressed the citizens at the AK Party District Organization Meeting held here. Stating that the Presidential Government System is a system in which the services needed by the nation are fulfilled in the fastest way, Oktay said, “As this bothers some, an intense work program has been started against the Presidential Government System, especially by the 6th Table. “You see what he’s doing. They’re walking around the table,” he said.


Then, criticizing IYI ​​Party Chairman Meral Akşener’s speech with a parrot during her visit to the shopkeepers, Oktay said, “One of them started talking to a parrot. This is probably the last stage of desperation. Because they are used to it, they started to repeat what they were told and probably started communicating with parrots. They know what to say. Unfortunately, these parrots of ours have not yet decided with whom they will go to the elections in 2023, since they are only obliged to convey the instructions they receive from others. They are probably waiting for instructions. Now we will see if they are waiting for ambassadors or from others.”

‘Would it benefit the nation from here?’

Stating that they are marching to 2023 as the People’s Alliance, Oktay stated that games are played inside and outside in Turkey, and said, “They are trying to play this on a 6-player table. They say 6, but you already know the 7th one. HDP He also says, ‘We are the structure that will open this lock’. If this is the structure that will open the lock now, that is, a structure that cannot say to the PKK, ‘this is a terrorist organization’, what smells will come out if this lock is opened? Will it benefit the nation here?” he said.