From past to present: Queen II. Scandals that marked Elizabeth’s 70-year reign

Queen Elizabeth’s marriage to her great love, Prince Philip, has not been without incident.

Although it creates a big problem that Prince Philip’s sisters are married to Nazi officers and Nazi sympathizer aristocrats, this crisis is resolved when his brothers and spouses are not invited to the wedding.

However, in the early years of their marriage, Philip’s infidelity to the Queen is also discussed. During his solo Commonwealth tour in 1957, Prince Philip allegedly cheated on his wife.

However, these claims were rejected by the palace, and similar claims were not brought up again during the couple’s marriage.


Queen Undoubtedly, the most difficult period during Elizabeth’s 70-year reign was during the marriage of Crown Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

Although Prince Charles’s relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles dates back to before Princess Diana, the fact that Bowles was married and then divorced caused the Queen to disapprove of this relationship. During this period, Charles married Diana.

However, the problems in the couple’s marriage started at the beginning of the wedding. Before the wedding, Charles gifted Camilla a bracelet that he had personally prepared and had the abbreviation of their name in it, as a farewell to Camilla. It was also seen that Camilla Parker was among the guests at the wedding.

1992 was a year when everything got out of control. Journalist Andrew Morton, in the book he wrote with the knowledge of Princess Diana, stated that there were infidelities during their marriage, Diana had an eating disorder and attempted suicide many times.

Then the wiretapping scandal broke out. Audio recordings of Diana and her lover James Gilby and Charles and Camilla, which were published separately, were on the agenda of the British and world press for a long time.

The couple’s statement that they were unfaithful throughout their marriage after their separation, and Diana’s portrayal of Camilla by saying “We were 3 people in our marriage” became the agenda. The couple decided to separate in 1992.


In a speech at the end of 1992, Queen Elizabeth II. “1992 was not a year that I will fondly remember looking back on,” Elizabeth said, calling 1992 an ‘annus horribilis’, meaning a terrible year.

This year, a huge fire broke out in Windsor Castle, the church section was engulfed in flames.

Along with this, his daughter Princess Anne, his son Prince Charles and Prince Andrew have decided to divorce.

The images of Prince Andrew’s wife Fergie with an American businessman topless and by the pool were explained as the reason for the separation.

At the same time, Prince Charles decided to end his sensational marriage to Princess Diana. After the tragic death of Diana in 1997, Queen II in 2005. Elizabeth gave up and married her love, Camilla, for whom she had been scandalized for the sake of Prince Charles.


Although Prince Andrew was known for his playboy-like life during his youth and marriage, big scandals broke out in the 2000s.

The ties of US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was detained on charges of sex and human trafficking in 2011 and committed suicide, and Prince Andrew were on the agenda.

Four years later, Virginia Giuffre revealed that she was forced into sexual intercourse when she was underage, and that Prince Andrew found her through Epstein. However, Prince Andrew has denied these allegations.

Accusations against Andrew came to the fore again when Epstein committed suicide in his cell in 2019. Andrew gave an interview to the BBC to save his reputation, but that too turned out to be disastrous.

After all the developments, Queen II. Elizabeth ended her son’s royal privileges, suspended him from office, and stripped him of his titles.


Prince Harry’s youth days, his paternal grandmother, Queen II. He gave Elizabeth a hard time.

In the early 2000s, images of Prince Harry using drugs and naked were leaked to the press.

In addition, he had to apologize when photos of him in a Nazi costume appeared at a Halloween party.

After this period, his marriage to US actress Meghan Markle in 2018 made Prince Harry’s agenda again. The couple left their royal duties in 2020 and settled in the USA, and in an interview they gave to Oprah in 2021, a person from the palace announced that they were asking questions about their baby’s skin color.

Queen Respecting Elizabeth and putting the queen’s nickname on their daughter, the couple, after the death of King III. It is foreseen that it may cause difficulties for Charles.

In particular, it is expected that Prince Harry will include much more detail in the book that will be published in November and will tell his memories.

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