From Lady Gaga who interrupted her concert to her fans: Please go home safely

US singer Lady Gaga had to interrupt her concert in Florida due to a lightning storm.

Photo: Instagram

‘Chromatica Ball’ Towards the end of Lady Gaga’s concert, which took the stage at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami as part of her tour, lightning began to flash, strong winds and rain began to fall. The American singer, who left the stage by telling his 65,000 fans that they had to take a break for a few minutes, had to end the concert when he realized that the storm would not end.

Lady Gaga, who has six more songs she did not sing, took the stage and said: “I cannot endanger any of you. Thanks for coming. Please go home safely.”

As her fans left the half-covered stadium of the Miami Dolphins, one of the US soccer teams, in disappointment, Lady Gaga expressed her sadness on her Instagram account with her make-up runny due to the rain: “We really tried to finish today’s concert but it didn’t work. The rain stopped, but the lightning continued to flash. What would I do if something happened to one of my team or one of you?”

While most of the fans stated that he was very upset when they told them to go home, and that he knew Lady Gaga was as upset as they were, the stadium management also made a statement: ”Tonight’s Lady Gaga concert could not continue after 22.50. It had to be like this for the safety of his fans. Thank you for your understanding.”

The ‘Chromatica Ball’ tour started in Düsseldorf, Germany in July. It then continued in Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Britain, Japan and North America.

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