French President Macron says he doesn’t “have to ask forgiveness” from Algeria

In an interview with the Algerian writer Kamel Daoud for Le Point magazine, Macron said, FranceHe responded to calls that Turkey should ask for forgiveness from Algeria for colonialism.

President Macron said, “I don’t have to ask for forgiveness. That’s not the point, this expression (asking for forgiveness) breaks all relations.” said.

“We ask for forgiveness and everyone goes their own way,” Macron said. He argued that reaching such a conclusion was the worst thing to do.

Expressing that history and memory studies are not like drawing up a balance sheet, Macron said that these studies are “misunderstood and undecided” issues.

Macron, France AlgeriaHe argued that apologizing for the colonial history in Turkey would not fix anything.

“The past that separates us also connects us.” Macron said that Algeria and France cannot continue on their way by ignoring each other.

Macron noted that he had the historian Benjamin Stora prepare a report on the history of France’s colonization of Algeria.


Reminding that he visited Algeria in August 2022, Macron said, “People were being warm. He was saying ‘Welcome’, while he wanted to greet the crowd gathered in the city of Oran. insulted.” used the phrase.

Macron claimed that the people of the region were pleased with him, but malicious far-rightists tried to misrepresent the visit by manipulating it.

* The image of the news is provided by the Associated Press.