French President Macron announced: The right to euthanasia is on the agenda

Euthanasia on the agenda in France

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that a national debate will be launched on expanding euthanasia and optional life termination options.

Under French law enacted in 2016, doctors can have terminally ill patients anesthetized before death, but they are not entitled to euthanasia.

In his written statement, Macron said that in the coming months, citizens and health workers will be able to work in coordination on the issue, and local discussions will be held in the French regions.

When Macron was elected president for the second time in April, he stated that he personally supported physician-assisted optional death, and said that he would open the issue for discussion.

According to the Associated Press, FranceIn Turkey, some patients travel to other European countries for euthanasia. Euthanasia is currently legal under certain conditions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain. In Switzerland, patients are allowed to die by self-administering lethal doses of medication, with medical assistance.

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