Fraud with the lie of ‘the ATM swallowed the card’

Creation Date: September 07, 2022 11:34

While withdrawing money from an ATM in Istanbul, two suspects were caught, who emptied their accounts by deceiving them with the lie that ‘the ATM swallowed the card’ after learning the card passwords of the people they approached under the pretext of helping. It turned out that the suspects had multiple previous convictions for similar crimes.


NSN, a national of Saudi Arabia, who applied to the police in Fatih ATMHe complained that two people who approached him while he was taking money from . Victim NSN “When I was withdrawing money, they approached me and said they would help me. Later they said that he swallowed my card. I believed them. But then I saw that all my money had been withdrawn.” said.

Fraud In the investigation initiated by the Bureau, the police reached the suspects by following the digital traces of the cards with which money was withdrawn. Suspects Süleyman T.(38) and Onur G.(28) were caught in a short time and taken into custody. Before their victims, whom the suspects approached under the pretext of helping card It was determined that they had learned their passwords. It was learned that the suspects then stole the cards of their victims, whom they deceived with the lie that “the ATM swallowed the card”. It was determined that the suspects emptied the accounts with two post devices they obtained using cards and passwords. Two POS devices were found during the search of the suspects’ homes.


In the investigation conducted at the Fraud Bureau, it was determined that the suspects paid 1065 Euros, 420 dollars, and 300 liras to the Kazakhstan-born SK in Fatih, 485 liras of the Georgian suspect AB in Fatih, from the credit card of the Iranian national NP in Beyoğlu. amount of money was determined.

It was determined that one of the suspects, Onur G., had 14 criminal records in the police before, and the other suspect Süleyman T. had 2 criminal records. The suspects were referred to the courthouse after the completion of their proceedings.


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