Former Pope Benedict XVI resigns due to insomnia

About two months before the German-born ex-pope died at the age of 95 on 31 December, he wrote a letter to Peter Seewald, the author of his official biography, explaining the background of his decision to resign.

In the letter, which was partially published yesterday in the German Focus magazine, 16th Benedict says that the ‘main reason’ for his decision to resign is the insomnia problem he has been experiencing for years.

German journalist-author Peter Seewald said that he decided to reveal the contents of the letter in order to put an end to conspiracy theories about the former pope’s unexpected decision to resign. 16. Benedict was the first person in 600 years to break the popes’ tradition of staying in office until their death, and it came as a shock to the Catholic world.

The Pope announced his decision to resign in February 2013 with these words:

“Because of my advancing age, I came to the conclusion that my strength was not enough to perform this task properly… In today’s world, which is experiencing rapid changes and agitated by important questions about the world of belief, both physical and spiritual strength are required to steer St. Pietrus’ boat and proclaim the Gospel. This power of mine has diminished so much that I have to admit that I did not manage well the task entrusted to me.”


According to Seewald’s letter, Benedict XVI was almost constantly serious after his election as pope in 2005. sleep problems was alive.

In order to continue his duty, he started to use “strong” sleeping pills recommended by the doctor.

However, an accident in which the Pope went on a trip to Mexico and Cuba in March 2012 showed that the situation was not sustainable.

It turned out that the Pope, who woke up in the morning with a “totally blood-stained” handkerchief, probably fell in the bathroom at night. Upon this incident, his doctor advised Benedict 16 to reduce the dose of sleeping pills.

His doctor, papaya, also suggested that he set aside afternoons to rest on his trips abroad.

The following year, the World Youth Day event was planned in Brazil with the participation of millions of people. Realizing that his ill-health due to insomnia would not allow him to make this trip, the Pope decided to resign ahead of time to get the next pope to attend this event in July 2013.

Writer Peter Seewald said that Benedict XVI wanted to clarify the allegations and suspicions that were raised after this decision to resign and that were brought up again after his death.

Seewald, who denied the allegations as the ex-pope resigned as a result of “blackmail and pressure”, said, “I hope the conspiracy theories and false speculations will end.”