Former British Prime Minister Johnson to Russian President Putin: He made a historical mistake

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has argued that any assistance, including tanks, artillery systems and warplanes, should be given to Ukraine by the Western alliance.

Johnson spoke at the Atlantic Council, the think tank in Washington, where the Western alliance’s support for Ukraine and RussiaHe gave a speech about the steps that can be taken against .

Pointing out that the support of the USA to Ukraine is very important, Johnson said, “Without the support of the USA, the President of Russia Vladimir PutinHe defended the view that Turkey could set up a ‘puppet government’ in Ukraine, and penetrate the collapsed Soviet Union to other countries in the area, and shroud European democracy.

Johnson called on the Western alliance, arguing that all aid should be given to Ukraine, including tanks, artillery systems and warplanes. Former Prime Minister, “Give them what they need.” used the phrase.

Johnson, who claimed that Putin made a “wrong calculation” by attacking Ukraine, said, “(Putin) He is not crazy, he is not sick. He just made a historical mistake. He will not use nuclear weapons either, because this will also spark the last spark of China’s support for them. extinguishes.” made its assessment.

Stating that no one, including his own people and his supporters in the world, would support Russia’s use of nuclear weapons, Johnson said that Putin, whom he described as a “neo-imperialist”, wanted to “revenge” for the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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