Foreigners are playing, Turks are watching. Here is the truth of the damn Super League

While 7 weeks are left behind in the Super League, the desire of clubs to play foreign players continues this season. The percentage of foreign players who played in 59.6 percent of the total time last season increased to 61.8 this season.
244 foreign players who have served in the league so far have played for a total of 76 thousand 769 minutes (61.8 percent).
In the Super League, where foreign football player hegemony is experienced, 50 football players who played in domestic status but were trained abroad and described as “expatriate footballers” served.
These players remained on the green for 11 thousand 527 minutes (9.3%).
130 football players who received their education in Turkey and currently playing in the league were able to appear in front of the audience in 28.9 percent of the total time.

Raised in Turkey / Expatriate / Foreign

28.9 / 9.3 / 61.8

In the competitions, 189 players with domestic status remained on the field for a total of 47 thousand 410 minutes (38.2 percent).

Galatasaray was the team that gave the most chances to foreign players in the league.
In the yellow-red team, local players played for 2 thousand 153 minutes (31.3 percent), while foreign players took 4 thousand 729 minutes (68.7 percent).
Nelsson and goalkeeper Muslera, who played 90 minutes each in all matches in Cimbom, drew attention as the names that took the most time.
In Trabzonspor, the last champion of the Super League, foreign players stayed on the field for 4 thousand 718 minutes (68.1 percent).
In the burgundy-blue, local players were able to find a place for themselves for 2 thousand 204 minutes (31.9 percent).
In the Black Sea team, Eren Elmalı remained on the field the most with 621 minutes, while Trezeguet took the second place with 610 minutes.
Istanbulspor was the team that gave the least chance to foreign players in the Super League.
In the yellow-black team, local players played 71.8 percent of the total time (4 thousand 259 minutes).
The terms of office of local and foreign players who played in clubs in the last 7 weeks in the league are as follows:
When the first 11s in the competitions are taken as a basis, the rate of preference for foreign players rises to 63.35 percent.
Foreign players were preferred in 878 of the 1,386 players who took the field in the first 11 of the remaining 63 matches.
The number of domestic football players, who were given the opportunity in 11, which started the competition, remained at 508.