For those who can get a visa: The opportunity for young people to travel Europe for free

European Union (EU), for young people born in 2004, ‘DiscoverEU’ Within the scope of the project, free travel will be provided. Some non-EU countries, including Turkey, will be able to apply to the project.

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Project with EU countries such as Turkey, Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway and Serbia. ‘Erasmus+’ Young people aged 18 years in third countries covered by the program can apply.

According to Yusuf Özkan from BBC Turkish The young people who will be accepted into the project will be determined by lottery.

Within the scope of the project, 35 thousand young people will be given the opportunity to explore the whole of Europe by train or other sustainable means of transport for a maximum of one month. Young people will also be given a discount card for food, accommodation, culture, sports and other services in the countries to be visited with a free travel ticket. The aim of this project is to enable young people to discover new cultures and establish friendship ties.

Free travel via the European Youth Portal will be applied. The application period, which will open on October 11, will end on October 25.

Recently, rejection rates have increased in visa applications from Turkey to European countries. Many Turkish citizens are suffering due to the extended periods and increasing number of rejections in Schengen visa applications. Germany’s visa refusal to Turkey also quadrupled compared to 2014.

about the project ‘Will the accepted Turks be given a visa?’ The answer to the question is not yet clear.

The cost is also growing in the Schengen crisis: No visa even for 60 commuters

Germany’s visa refusal to Turkey has increased nearly fourfold: It will affect other countries as well

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