Football matches will be broadcast at the same time, with a wide summary and news images.

Mehmet KAYA

Competition committee, Super League and 1. League of football matcheseditorial images” and “wide summary images” took a “measure” decision in the preliminary investigation he initiated on the grounds of unfair distribution to broadcasting organizations.

reserves the right to distribute these images. KREA Content Services and Production company As a result of the preliminary investigation initiated against him, it was announced that a precautionary decision was taken at the meeting on September 29, against the possibility of irreparable damage until the final decision.

The meaning of the injunction

The precautionary decision was made to publish “editorial images” and “wide summary images” at the same time. Extended summaries could be published after 35 minutes, and shorter editorial images 45 minutes later. Thus, the publisher company that published the “extensive summary” gained an advantage beyond being the first publisher. The Competition Board has taken a precautionary decision allowing both images to be broadcast within 45 minutes.

The following statements were made by the Competition Authority regarding the Board’s decision:

“’In order to prevent competition violations that may occur in the Broadcasting Rights market of Turkish Super League and 1st League Competitions and the irreparable damages that may be caused by them, Krea Content Services and Prodüksiyon AŞ; Broadcast summary images and editorial images for every week and every match where the images are delivered to the audience by broadcasting organizations that have purchased or want to acquire the broadcasting rights for the currently ongoing 2022-2023 football season, by any broadcaster, before the time specified in the specification for editorial images. It has been decided to take a temporary injunction decision not to allow the publication of the reasoned decision, to implement the said measure as of the notification of the reasoned decision, within 60 days from the notification of the reasoned decision, with the possibility of judicial remedy in Ankara Administrative Courts.”