Flash Putin statement from German Chancellor Scholz

Creation Date: September 15, 2022 08:16

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz shared with the public the details of his 90-minute phone call with Russian leader Putin. Calling Putin for peace, Scholz announced the Russian leader’s response.


Russia President PutinThe wind has turned in the war that started on February 24 with the order of .

While the Ukrainian army continues its attacks at different points, the Russian forces are in a defensive position for the first time.

While the war, which has left 200 days behind, continues to die, diplomatic efforts to stop the conflicts do not slow down.

In this context, meeting with Putin Germany Prime Minister Olaf Scholz shared the details of the 90-minute phone call with the public.


The German Chancellor said he urged Putin to withdraw his troops and resume talks with Kiev.

Scholz also argued that Russian troops should leave Ukraine “for a chance for peace in the region”.

Flash Putin statement from German Chancellor Scholztan

Clashes continue in the south of the country. Ukrainian artillery in the area is targeting Russian positions… (Photo: AFP)class=”medianet-inline-adv”>


He also stated that German Chancellor Putin ‘unfortunately’ did not change his stance on the occupation.

Olaf Scholz also said that the weapons provided by his country “make the difference” and are “decisive” in eastern Ukraine. However, Ukraine is requesting more military aid from Germany.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dimitro Kuleba criticized Germany for not sending more weapons and stated that Ukraine needed more weapons “to prevent the genocide”.

Kuleba tweeted, “There is no single logical explanation for why these weapons cannot be provided. There are only excuses and unfounded fears. Why is Berlin afraid? uttered his words.

In the statement made by the Kremlin regarding the meeting, Ukraine was shown as responsible for the violence. As of August, Germany gave 1.2 billion to Ukraine. dollar worth of military aid.

Poland, which had a much narrower economy, received more military aid than Germany. The USA and England lead the aid.

Flash Putin statement from German Chancellor Scholztan

Ukrainian soldiers who took back Izyum are patrolling the city… (Photo: AFP)class=”medianet-inline-adv”>


Speaking to Reuters news agency on Wednesday, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said more weapons would be sent to Ukraine.

Lambrecht, on the other hand, described Ukraine’s ongoing counter-offensive as “awesome”.

Some defense experts consider one goal of Kiev’s counterattack to be to press the West for more weapon aid.

Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenski also gave an image to the world from Izyum, one of the recaptured areas on Wednesday.

Meeting with the soldiers here, Zelensky promised to take back all the lands.

The Ukrainian leader says that 8 thousand square kilometers of area was recaptured in the Kharkov counter-offensive.


This statement has not been independently verified.