Flash development in the congress raid case! Trump’s subpoena withdrawn

The Special Committee of the House of Representatives investigating the attack on the Capitol Building in Washington DC, USA on January 6, 2021, former US President Donald Trumprequested by the court He withdrew his subpoena on the grounds that “investigations will end soon”. Bennie Thompson, Chairman of the House Special Committee investigating the January 6 Congressional raid, reported that the request submitted to Trump was withdrawn, according to a letter obtained by CNN. In his letter to Trump, Thompson wrote, “With our investigation imminent, the Special Committee can no longer follow up on certain information covered by the subpoena. I therefore formally withdraw the subpoena given to former President Trump through the letter. I no longer comply with that subpoena or I am informing you that you do not have to produce records in response to this.”


Trump, who made a statement on the withdrawal of the subpoena on his social media account, said, “They probably did this because they knew I didn’t do anything wrong, otherwise they were about to lose in court.”

He was summoned to court

The January 6 Committee of the US House of Representatives summoned Trump to court to testify about the attack on the US Capitol in October this year. The committee had asked Trump’s lawyers to provide several documents, including Trump’s personal communications between members of Congress and extremist groups. Trump responded by suing the Committee to block the subpoena.

On the other hand, on October 13, the January 6 Committee voted on whether Trump should testify in the court that will be held as part of the investigation, and unanimously summoned Trump to the court to testify. After losing the Presidential election on November 3, 2020, Trump claimed that the election was “fraudulent” and made attempts to convince his supporters that there was a plot against him. Thousands of Trump supporters, who wanted Trump to be President, attacked the Capitol Building by walking. While 5 people lost their lives in the attacks, hundreds of people were injured.