Flash description of Rashica from Galatasaray Okan Buruk

Speaking to GSTV and Galatasaray magazine, the Kosovar football player made a statement on many issues such as his transfer to the yellow-red team, his performance and injury, and Turkish football.

Explaining his transfer to Galatasaray, where he came on loan on the last day of the transfer period, Rashica said, “I knew that Galatasaray was interested in me from the day the transfer process started, but an agreement could not be reached with Norwich City, where I had my testimonial at that time. Later, an agreement was reached two days before the end of the transfer period. I already “I was very happy that Galatasaray took care of me. I was very excited when I first heard it. I was talking to my manager all the time. I really wanted to come to Galatasaray. Finally, my transfer was completed and I am here.” used the phrases.

Regarding the transfer of the yellow-red winger, Juan Mata, Mauro Icardi, Yusuf Demir and Mathias Ross on the same day, “It was very special for me to come with stars like Mata and Icardi and other players on the same day, to experience this excitement with them.” said.

The 26-year-old football player stated that they made a good break in the Super League due to the 2022 FIFA World Cup. “We were very good in the last 2-3 games. By the way, due to my injury, I couldn’t train much. However, I am getting better day by day and I will be more ready until the league starts. I think that we will start the league in the best way and continue from where we left off, both myself and as a team.” ” he said.

“Galatasaray is a much bigger club than it looks from the outside”
Milot Rashica stated that he follows Turkey and Turkish football closely, but after transferring he realized that Galatasaray is a bigger club than it seems.

“Because I am from Kosovo, we have always followed Turkish football and Turkey closely.” Rashica said:

“We are people who look alike. Frankly, I already knew the size of Galatasaray before I came. We were following with great admiration. Therefore, I knew very well what I would encounter here. But to be honest, I am here now and Galatasaray is a much bigger club than it seems from the outside. “You understand it much better when you get into it. Everything works professionally as it should be at a very big club. Everyone works professionally and does their job very well. I’m very happy to be here.”

Rashica said that they are very happy as a team because they are working with Galatasaray Coach Okan Buruk.

Explaining that Buruk is very good at his job, the Kosovar football player said, “I personally love it very much. Maybe we didn’t seem to be playing well as a team at first, but I think we were going through a process. Because the season started with new players, a new team, a new coach. An adaptation process. We had to adapt to the game system of Okan teacher and we succeeded. You can understand this especially from the exit we have achieved as a team in the last 4-5 games. As a team, we got used to each other and started to do exactly what Okan teacher wanted from us. We are very happy to have such a teacher. ” made its assessment.

Rashica said that the atmosphere of friendship in the team is good. he said.

Rashica stated that she got along well with every player in the team, “However, we sit with Seferovic especially at dinners. Because we have many mutual friends from Albania and Kosovo that he also knows. Apart from that, I can say that I get on very well with Patrick, Barış and Mata.” used his statements.

Milot Rashica, arguing that referee mistakes were made against them in the remaining 14-week period of the league, “In the rest of the league, there were decisions that were taken against us and of course forced us, but as a football player there is not much we can do. We just have to focus on our football. We have to improve ourselves.” expressed an opinion.

Galatasaray football player explained that the yellow-red fans created a great atmosphere in Nef Stadium.

Expressing that the fans were loud with their cheers, Rashica said, “I would like to underline that I love the wonderful atmosphere in our stadium.” said.

Emphasizing that he has a bond with the fans, the Kosovar player said, “They welcomed me wonderfully. The Galatasaray fans are incredible. They have always supported me and continue to support me. I have never seen such a fan in my career.” made the statement.

Milot Rashica said that he sees Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo as his idol.

Emphasizing that he plays in the same position as Ronaldo, Rashica said, “I see Cristiano Ronaldo as an idol because my position is the same. Both of our right feet are very strong. I have been following him since childhood.” he said.