First Turkish police chief in the US sacked for rising crime and ‘napping at meetings’

Appointed as the country’s first Turkish police chief in Paterson, New Jersey, USA Ibrahim Baycora‘s job was terminated. It was stated that during Baycora’s tenure, murder crimes in the city reached a record level and Baycora ‘falled asleep’ at the meetings.

According to the news in the New Jersey press, the Mayor of Paterson, where the Turkish population is dense, André SayeghPolice Chief said that after their complaints about Baycora, they sat down with him to negotiate an agreement to end his term, but Baycora left the table.

“Paterson deserves a police chief who not only stays vigilant on duty, but is also committed to his job,” the mayor said. Sayegh commented on Baycora’s 30-month tenure as “Beyond disappointment”.

Sayegh said there have been 75 murders in Paterson since Baycora took office, which is more than the number of murders in 2020 and 2021.

It was stated that Baycora “nods his head” and “disinterested” at meetings, despite the escalating violence.

It was stated that while crime rates in Paterson increased rapidly last summer, Baycora was on a one-month leave.

The Mayor said they were trying to negotiate a leave of absence agreement with Baycora, but the police chief walked away from the agreement without explanation.

Baycora’s lawyer, on the other hand, argued that the dismissal was “illegal”.

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