First details for iOS 17 have been announced! New app is coming

Apple had its last update a few days ago iOS Released version 16.3 for iPhones. Meanwhile, the first details started to come for iOS 17, which the technology giant will introduce with the iPhone 15 series. So, what awaits iPhone users in the update? Let’s take a look at the news.

Efficiency will be at the forefront in iOS 17 update

There is no major change for the interface in the iOS 17 update. But with the new update, iPhone models will now have a new application to synchronize Apple’s Reality Pro AR / VR headset. This new app is expected to be similar to the Watch app.

The technology giant will make changes for its other applications, keeping efficiency in the foreground in general. New and fine details are expected for the Home application and Find My.

iOS 16.3 has been released!  Here are the new features of iPhones

iOS 16.3 has been released! Here are the new features of iPhones

Apple has released the highly anticipated iOS 16.3 update. However, iPhones have gained many new features.

Although there are no major changes in the interface for smartphones, many innovations and simultaneous features are expected for Music and Mail. According to the source, Apple will provide an easier usage experience for both apps.

On the other hand, improvements are expected for Reminders and Files for the iOS 17 update. However, it is still unclear in which area the improvements will be made for both applications.

In addition, with the iOS 17 update coming with the iPhone 15 series, there will be some optimized features between the two. In the iOS update, it will run Dynamic Island, which will be available on all models of the iPhone 15 series. In this way, it turns out that the notch will be completely removed for the design of new models.

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