First confession in corruption investigation! – News from World

in the European Parliament (EP) corruption While the echoes of the scandal continue, it has been reported that EP Chairperson, Maltese politician Roberta Metsola, submitted a list declaring the gifts presented to her during her EP membership and EP Presidency to the relevant authorities for official records.

According to the news in the Belgian press, it was reported that Metsola did not declare 125 of the 142 gifts she received during this period, within the period required to declare it due to legal conditions. After the corruption scandal involving the EP members, Metsola, who wanted “more transparency from the EP members”, did not declare the gifts she received on time and presented them in a single list on the scandal caused criticism.


AP head Roberta MetsolaIt was claimed that EP Presidents have not made such a statement so far, so the current President Metsola did not make this statement on time. In the news, it was stated that the Spokesperson of the EP Presidency said, “He continued this tradition because the previous presidents did not do it”, but that the EP Presidents were obliged to declare the list and explanations of the gifts they received in writing at the end of the same month at the latest.