Finnish Prime Minister Marin said they had frequent talks with Turkey.

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin NATO After applying for membership TurkeyHe stated that they frequently met and worked together with the Turkish authorities regarding the concerns raised by Turkey.

After his speech at the European Parliament (EP) General Assembly in Strasbourg, France, Marin held a joint press conference with EP President Roberta Metsola.

Upon a question about Finland’s application for NATO membership and its relations with Turkey, Marin reminded that the approval processes in NATO member countries regarding the application are currently ongoing, and said:

“We want the ratification process to proceed as quickly as possible in all NATO countries. Of course, we frequently discuss the issues they bring up with Turkey and we work on the basis we have agreed on. We are in the middle of an ratification process right now and I would not like to speculate on issues that do not exist.”


Asked if they had received a request from Finland to deport people associated with the terrorist organization PKK, Marin replied:

“The rule of law is very important for Finland. It is a value we attach importance to. These are not political decisions. We do not discuss in government whether to deport someone from Finland. These are not decisions made by politicians. Public officials and judicial institutions make such decisions.”


In his address to the EP General Assembly, Marin emphasized that Europe is going through extraordinary times due to the war in Ukraine, instability in the energy market, increased inflation, climate change manifested by drought and fire.

“Putin will lose the war. Ukraine will win with our support,” Marin said. used the phrase.

Stating that his country is not highly dependent on Russian gas, it provides energy diversity, but EU-level solutions are needed, Marin said, “Sanctions must be at a level that will affect the daily life of ordinary Russian citizens.” said.

Noting that the war revealed the importance of the defense industry and energy independence, Marin said:

“We must admit that we took a very naive attitude towards Russia and based our expectations on the functioning of Russia. We should have listened to our Baltic and Polish friends who lived under Soviet rule.”

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