“Filling the Gap” race in the region! They will accept the Turkish military presence

A striking article was written about the latest developments in Syria in the Arab press.

Attention was drawn to the activity in Syria, where normalization signals are increasing day by day. It was emphasized that the USA was put on the target board more strongly than in previous years.

It was pointed out that Russia’s withdrawal of Wagner mercenaries and the S-300 air defense system from Syria changed the balance policy in the region. It was noted that a “Russian vacuum” feeling began to form in Syria due to the losses suffered by the Russian forces due to the Ukraine war. It was stated that this environment will cause great changes in Syria.

It was stated that Iran, which is working for a reconciliation between Turkey and the Assad regime, has increased its military presence in Syria.

The following statements were included in the analysis article;

There is a tripartite interest between Iran, Turkey and Syria to encircle the terrorist organization PKK/YPG. Likewise, Iran, Turkey, and Syria, as well as Russia, have an interest in harassing US forces in northeast Syria.


In the article, which emphasized that Tel Aviv and Tehran are in a race to take advantage of the “Russian vacuum”, it was stated that Putin wanted to put Syria in order while he was busy with the Ukrainian swamp.

In the article, “Normalization will lead to a change in the context of Damascus’ acceptance of the Turkish military presence. The common point of both sides is the concern that the PKK/YPG terrorist organization will increase in the east of the Euphrates. It is likely that the PKK/YPG will pay the price for this normalization. Syria, normalization and It will continue to be a scene of conflict between the five armies (US, Russian, Turkish, Iranian and Israeli) as part of the race to fill the gap.

Star Newspaper

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