In his new article, Fikirci Bey wrote down the possible demands of the party base, based on the CHP’s discourses.

I have previously explained why the CHP did not have a civil society in terms of its founding mission and why it did not become a normal political party when it switched to the multi-party system. Its mission was social engineering, it accomplished that mission to a certain extent, and now it had to be inducted or directly into a museum. But that didn’t happen, and he walks among us like a zombie in the democratic world.

Political parties prepare programs about social problems and try to please the voters. When they come to power, they hope to implement this program and be re-elected. However, our CHP has no such concerns, and the CHP does not like the people, let alone make people like it. It’s like he’s in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Like another and “Further” It would be much happier if it was in another country. “Forward” His chest is the world of the 1930s.

In the last 10 years, a strange person has haunted this party, which has already faltered in this inconsistency. When we look at both the CHP base and the Turkish people in general, this person whose discourse, vision, experience and diameter fell short of the average became the chairman of the CHP and could not become the leader of the CHP for these reasons. In fact, he knows this so well that he is looking for a leader/presidential candidate from other places.

This is where the real weirdness starts.

Yes, it is normal for him to see Mr. Ekmelettin İhsanoğlu as more experienced and more suitable to be the president, because he is. But his search was not limited to this, it was not enough for him to convince the “left of the middle” to Ekmelettin, this time too. “His wife is wearing a headscarf, she cannot be president” he made a great effort to make the man president, whom the left rushed to the constitutional courts.

This is where my doubts started to pile up.

I think that this person is not as ordinary, pure, clean, unknowledgeable, unable to put two words together without making a blunder.

This person has another agenda/agenda.

This person is cheating.

Yes, CHP used to pursue policies despite the people.

But today there is something strange in these policies. “consistency” there is.

Okay, the AK Party is very strong and if it is to overthrow it, it has to gather everyone else, even the smallest groups, to form a front against it. In the end, as in any democratic country, the options are narrowed down to two, and the election is usually won by a narrow margin. So every vote counts.

But, is the vote of the terror-loving and PKK puppets, hated by their own base, also important?

Is the vote of FETO prisoners, who bombed the parliament, shot at the people, killed the people, also important for the People’s Party?

Are they also indispensable?

What if not giving up on them leads to grassroots abandonment?

Here is Kılıçdaroğlu’s “consistency” it starts here.

Kılıçdaroğlu is giving up on the grassroots, giving up on the Kemalists who gave him the mission of the Founder of the Republic, he does not give up on them. He is very consistent and persistent about it. Because the issue is not what the base wants, but to bring someone together and bring them to power. Even if these people are people the CHP base does not want. “Are you going to release all the KHK members?” they say without blinking “Yes all” says. Even if he talks about it after that, it doesn’t make any sense to me, because the rest is to cover up this request.

However, what does a CHP member want?

What would someone who would vote for the CHP want?

“Demirtaş should be released as soon as possible, Syria and Iraq should be exited, no operation should be carried out on Qandil” is it?

“Amnesty should be granted to FETO members as soon as possible, they should all be released, and they should return to the positions they stole from our children” me?

An important part of the CHP base that I remember had condemned FETO members before anyone else, and “F-type” they insulted. Now “F-type” Does he want to be free?

In that case, what is the result of trying to bring FETÖ and PKK extensions together and bring it to power for the CHP in the election?

What about the take away?

Kılıçdaroğlu doesn’t care about this simple addition and subtraction.

Because for him, the central issue is not winning the election.

Otherwise, the CHP would look into the eyes of its base and immediately understand what they want.

I am not affiliated with the CHP, but when I look at the base, I see it.

CHP voters want jobs, they want the cost of living and inflation to be stopped, or at least fixed at some point.

And he’s looking to see who can do it.

Does he want only CHP voters?

we all want

And we’re trying to figure out who can achieve it, or at least try to achieve it.

Kılıçdaroğlu, on the other hand, has no suggestion on this matter, even if it is vague.

A CHP member does not want Kılıçdaroğlu.

Need a solution…