FIFA lifted Galatasaray’s transfer ban!

Good news from FIFA to Galatasaray…

The leader who closed half of the Super League Galatasaray, He wants to add new names to his roster. To the yellow-red team that continues the transfer work from FIFA good news has come.

According to the news in A Spor, on January 5, by Lucas Torreira for the cost of upbringing Delfino Pescara k18,236 euros were invested in the club. Due to the delay caused by the banks, a temporary transfer ban came from FIFA to Galatasaray.

After the yellow-red managers informed FIFA that the payments were made, a confirmation letter came and Galatasaray’s transfer board was opened.

Aslan will now be able to transfer at halftime.

According to Sabah’s report, FIFA closed the transfer board of Galatasaray on the grounds that it did not pay the former coach and players their progress.

Who’s to receive?

Domenec Torrent and his 4 assistants want 2.1 million Euros from Galatasaray. Sofiane Feghouli has a total receivable of 1.6 million Euros. Ryan Babel’s request is 1.3 million euros. Omar Elabdellaoui’s request is 1 million 400 thousand Euros.