Fenerbahce, the championship candidate of Dynamo Kyiv coach Mircea Lucescu

Speaking at the press conference held at Ülker Stadium where the match will be played, lucescu, FenerbahceHe stated that the system did not change in the period after the match they played.

– Fenerbahce analysis

Emphasizing that the match they played in Kadıköy last time was in a very good atmosphere, Lucescu said, “I don’t think Fenerbahce has changed much as a system. Jesus’ style of play is to pull one of the midfielders and form a three-way line. New players like Batshuayi and Pedro have arrived. They will have a significant impact on the game.‘ he said.

As he stated earlier, ‘I can quit my job.’ Explaining that he made his statement in an emotional moment, the experienced coach said, “We are going through difficult times right now. We came here from Kiev by taking an 11-hour bus ride. I love football and we will continue. We came to play a good match. We had a negative series in Ukraine, but we dominated for years. It’s a league. Players don’t even know what’s going to happen to them as they go from city to city. We have good players and we’ll try to play our best game.” used the phrases.

Expressing that Fenerbahçe has built a very good team, Lucescu concluded his words as follows:

“Fenerbahçe spent this period well. There are experienced players in the team at the moment. Ali Koç has built a good team and brought a very good coach. I expect him to be the 1st in Turkey as well. We will play to win. Nobody can say ‘We will win’ without being played. Fenerbahçe also played its first game after all. “He will be very eager to win. We want to win, too. This is not a match, but a group match. We will try to take what we can.”

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