Fatih Terim’s Netflix documentary released | Comment from Terim: My wife Fulya and I could not hold back our tears

Fatih Terim, one of the important names of Galatasaray and Turkish football, gave an interview to the publisher just before the release of his documentary on Netflix. Fatih Terim answered the questions shortly before the release of his documentary. In the interview, which took place both in Turkish and English, Fatih Terim’s remarkable statements were included.


“Compiling so many matches and stories, each of which can be made into a separate documentary, in four parts, is a very difficult task. How did it make you feel to re-live your entire career and life during the filming of the documentary?” Fatih Terim answered the question “Trophies, medals, my images or photos in the archives mean a lot to me. When I look at a mug or a photograph; I remember the story of that moment, I feel the emotion of that moment. Actually, that’s what went through my mind when I agreed to make this documentary. Combining what everyone sees and the feeling it gives me. As you said, it was difficult to fit almost my whole life into four chapters, even though I could talk for hours in a friendly conversation, even a game. It didn’t fit anyway. But I’m sure that even if it catches the attention of someone who doesn’t know me at all, all four episodes tell a lot about both me and life.”

“How did you feel when you watched it for the first time afterwards?” experienced technical man who answered the question “I am telling about my experiences from time to time during the shoot. Adana, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, then Florence, Milan, again Istanbul… I’m telling, but as we remember, we go back to the beginning or move on to another subject. Of course, I remember very well what I said, but I don’t know what others said or said. Simultaneous shooting of one or two people. Only one of their comments came to me as a question. Other than that, I don’t know anything. Believe it or not, I didn’t know who spoke for a long time. Anyway, they said, teacher, the first two chapters are over, come on. We watched it with my wife Fulya and there were moments when we couldn’t hold back our tears. It’s not easy. Man becomes alienated from himself in that moment. So what you watch is your own life, but images, music, speeches… After a while, we watched the last two episodes. This time I had my daughters with me. I saw that their eyes are also full of tears. We said “good luck” and left. I am very excited even now. It has become a work that my grandchildren will watch instead of saying “this is our grandfather” in the future. This feeling makes me very happy.” made the statement.

“Your wife told you she thought you couldn’t do this job and she was very wrong. When exactly did you decide to become a coach?” Fatih Terim answered the question “What my wife Fulya was right about was the flashes of youth. It still exists, but at the time he thought it might not be suitable for the profession. If a football player can do what he believes on the field and read the game not only from his own perspective but also from the perspective of the team, he will definitely consider becoming a coach one day. Of course, it is different from thinking about it and realizing it. At that time, I was getting advice from important names to become a coach. I believed in myself that I could work hard for this and improve myself, be more courageous, and try the unfinished ones,” he said.

“Son, football player, captain, teacher, husband, father, grandfather, emperor… Although it is difficult to prioritize among these adjectives, which would you put in the top three? Are there any adjectives you would like to add to this list?” Answering the question Terim “Just as I cannot prioritize, it is not possible for me to remove any of them. This is a circle where all the elements that complete my story come together. If I separate one from the other, the story is incomplete and the cycle is not complete. As a son, as a football player, as a captain, teacher, husband, father, grandfather, and emperor, I was very happy in my own story. All of them had different responsibilities and beauties.”

“You started shooting as Galatasaray coach, you finished at a completely different point. How did you experience that process? How did it affect the shooting?” Terim also answered the question “Whatever is in life is also in football. I said this in the documentary. Football is not just a sport. When you look at not only the shootings but the documentary in general, and therefore my life, there are many things that I started and finished. This process was one of them.‘ he declared.

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