Farewell to a challenging age: Queen II. Elizabeth

Over 70 years of rule, a world war, a cold war, numerous global and local economic crises, the UK’s membership in the European Union, its withdrawal from membership (Brexit), considerable global, regional, and local political crisis, military conflict engulfed Queen Elizabeth II. Elizabeth. Since the Magna Carta, in the modern political literature ‘Westminster Modeldefined as ‘ ‘constitutional monarchy’ In the United Kingdom, which is governed by the government, the ‘State’ is headed by the king and the queen, and the ‘Government’ is headed by the prime minister. The Commander-in-Chief is also the king or queen on behalf of the royal family, as per the British Constitution. The model in question imposes important responsibilities on the royal family for the UK’s position in world politics. Queen Elizabeth, who ascended the throne at a very young age, rendered an important service to her country during the most challenging 70 years of world politics.
Queen Elizabeth transformed wars from 2nd generation to 5th generation wars during her reign, ‘a bipolar dayya’also witnessed the signs of a very complex cold war period, the transition to a new ‘multipolar cold war era’, and the UK’s decision to leave the European Union Project and re-draw its own course in world politics and economy, just like Brexit. Sometimes in the front, sometimes in the background; but, always taking an active role. He worked with many leaders of 20 leading countries of world politics and economy on behalf of the global system; strived for global common values; In the UK’s constitutional monarchy, it has made a valuable contribution to the strong continuation of the constitutional monarchy, with minimal interference in the efforts of governments, in a system equipped with delicate lines, for the existence of a strong democracy.
It is often said that women take an active role in politics, business life, international organizations and civil society activities both in their own country and in the world.Role model‘ happened; She put forward the role of ‘mother’ and ‘to your mother’ with great acumen in order to keep the family in unity and solidarity during the important turmoils that the royal family experienced from time to time. His ability to adapt to the transitions between social, cultural and intellectual values, which started to show a great change towards the end of the 20th century with the values ​​he grew up with and showed a ‘revolutionary’ change in the 21st century, aroused admiration. To his own society and to the citizens of the world with all his efforts,together legislative‘ has made an effort to give the right messages on behalf of the culture.
The period represented by Queen Elizabeth contained many difficulties for world politics. His journey from this world to eternity means the closure of an ‘era’ full of struggles, which also reminds us of the difficult processes of the last 70 years. The critical point is that, as human beings, we are going to see the next period as a ‘Age of Reason(The Age of Reason) or a heavy ‘Age of Uncertainty(The Age of Uncertainty). Global and regional conflicts and tensions from ‘reason’ and ‘logic’, from ‘humanity’ Although it shows a sign as if we are moving away, we will never lose our hope and especially Turkey’s ability to ‘inspire’ our geography. We can only move the earth to a better future by trusting ourselves and each other.