Famous actress Sacheen Littlefeather, whom the Oscar Academy boycotted for years and later apologized for, has passed away.

NEWS GLOBAL – Sacheen Littlefeather, known as both actress and activist, has passed away at the age of 75.

The Academy announced the news of the death of Littlefeather, who is also remembered as the name who refused the Oscar award that Marlon Brando received in 1973, on behalf of the actor by appearing on the stage.

While the cause of death of the famous actor was not disclosed, according to the news in the foreign press, Littlefeather was struggling with breast cancer.

Born on November 14, 1946 in Salinas, California, her real name was Marie Louise Cruz. Discovering her Native American roots in her 20s, the actress became an activist and changed her name to Sacheen Littlefeather.

In the event, which is considered one of the most dramatic moments in Oscar history, it was announced on March 27, 1973 that Marlon Brando won the best actor award for his role in The Godfather. Littlefeather then took the stage to announce that Brando had declined the award to protest the Academy’s treatment of Native Americans.

His speech was met with boos and cheers.

After this incident, Littlefeather was redlisted by Hollywood and boycotted for years. The academy has officially apologized to the actor 50 years later for the abuse he suffered.

Movies played by Littlefeather include: Counselor at Crime, The Laughing Policeman, Freebie and the Bean, Trial of Billy Jack, Johnny Firecloud, Winterhawk, Shoot the Sun Down, Reel Injun (Documentary), Sacheen: Breaking the Silence (Documentary) )

Source: Haber Global