Failed attempt from Blue Origin: Forced landing in minutes – Breaking News

Blue Origin’s New Shepard capsule, which was launched for the 23rd time from Cape Canaveral Space Base in Texas, could not continue its journey due to a problem in the rocket section shortly after takeoff.

“During today’s flight, the booster engine system malfunctioned. The capsule escape system successfully separated the capsule from the engine compartment. The booster hit the ground. No injuries reported.” statements were included.

In the company’s video sharing showing the launch moment, it was seen that the capsule, which survived the rocket section, parachuted into a desert in Texas within minutes.

It was stated that the rocket malfunctioned while traveling at a speed of approximately 1125 kilometers at an altitude of 8 thousand 500 meters and decomposed with the capsule at an altitude of approximately 11 thousand 300 meters.


Although the company still uses New Shepard for unmanned space missions, it is planned to use the system for space tourism in the future, and to organize manned expeditions to suborbital.

Blue Origin, which made a paid flight last month within the scope of space tourism, has so far carried 31 people to the space border for flights lasting 10 minutes.