Facts in inflation! – OKAN MUDERRISOGLU

Problems of different nature are experienced in every country. The important thing is that it knows the problems… It has the will to solve it… It has solved the problems of the same nature before… The existence of a government that has a real equivalent in the eyes of the nation and that this administration is accompanied by a leadership that can drag the masses after it.
President Tayyip Erdogan‘s, the new legislature of the TGNA on October 1, due to the start of the year take his speech from that perspective necessary. Indeed, in the General Assembly the center of gravity of the address “to the economy findings and concrete reasons” was forming.

Do not forget!
With limited time left for the election… It takes great courage to turn towards structural change in the economy. Erdogan displayed both this courage and determination. Even Turkish Economy Modelthe conditions that brought “survival concept” evaluated in.

“As a country and as a nation every topic that concerns our survival important but our people directly to your daily life. The economic issue also It’s important!” said.

Then an interesting background gave information

“To be frank choice in the economy model out of nowhere to the change we didn’t go! If the match is in progress our rules of the game to change against us if they didn’t work, maybe a need it for a while we could not hear. But our country with a clear economic attack when we face our borders whatever we did to protect how we resisted the coups, We showed the same attitude towards it!”
Of course bam wire…

The President made a clear promise at this point:

“Our country and foreign currency of our citizens from the uneven rise in the exchange rate and the exorbitant rise in inflation welfare losses caused by their concerns and expectations we know well. In front of them the measures to be taken from the first day We started receiving from… No inflation of our citizens. let it be crushed under We won’t!”


Today, Turkey’s greatest achievement is maintaining its economic growth and taking measures to consolidate sustainable growth.

Within a year, according to international estimates USA 50 percent chance of the economy shrinking, EU There is a 55 percent chance that their economy will stop.
It is clear from European examples that shrinking economies that do not produce jobs and food will face what kind of social problems, they will suffer from racism, and they will be poisoned by xenophobia and anti-Muslim hatred.

It should also be noted that
Inflation of 83.4 percent announced yesterday 35 point portion exchange rate volatility, 30 points energy shockoriginating from the habit of backward indexing, that is, expectation.

the bottom line

“Economic dynamism, increasing export, protected employment” on the trivet balanced Turkish economy, High rate from January 2023 witnessing the fall in inflation political calculations of any kind will change.