Ezra Miller’s environment: He thinks he is the messiah, he has a harem on his farm

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Various sources said that the famous actress Ezra Miller verbally and emotionally abused the people around him and said that he ‘Jesus and the devil’ He says he’s talking about. It is also claimed that he has a harem on his farm in Vermont.

self-identified as genderless ‘Fantastic Beasts’n-star, recently, after a series of arrests, harassment, assault, and accusations of consent construction on a teenager ‘complex mental health issues’ He stated that he was receiving treatment for the cause.

According to an article published in Vanity Fair on Sunday, a dozen people around Miller believe that the celebrity’s downfall began in 2019 right after their parents’ divorce.

In 2020, a video of Miller apparently trying to strangle a woman outside a bar in Iceland caused his personal and legal troubles to escalate.

‘Miller is the next messiah and the masons want to kill him’

Miller’s ‘that he was the next Messiah and that the masons sent demons to kill the actor’ Sources reporting that he received spiritual counseling from a believer named Jasper Young Bear, the actor himself. ‘Jesus and the devil’ He said he made a habit of talking about it.

Miller allegedly adopted these beliefs and spread them among a group of young followers.

Farm and harem in Vermont

In another part of the Vanity Fair article, Miller is accused of harboring his followers and friends in dangerous and awkward conditions on his US ranch in Vermont. your property ‘Flash figurines with bullets, grass, sage and a superhero character’ It is reported to have an altar decorated with

Miller is a mostly young female ‘your harem‘ accused of setting up. At the star’s farm ‘pitting them against each other, shouting at them, humiliating them in front of others’ is alleged.

While most of the actor’s legal issues have been resolved, Miller will appear in court next month to face charges of gross theft. The actor was arrested in May for allegedly stealing alcohol from a Vermont residence, and Miller’s representative claimed it was a misunderstanding of borrowing rice wine from a friend for a recipe.

‘I am in a period of intense crisis’

Miller, in a statement in August, said that the last period of his life ‘intense crisis’ described it as.

In its description, “I would like to apologize to everyone I have worried and upset with my past behavior. I am determined to do the work necessary to return to a healthy, safe and productive stage in my life.”

Actress Ezra Miller, who is on the agenda with accusations: I’m sorry, I started treatment

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