Exxen packages have changed and current prices have increased

Founded by Acun Ilıcalı and started broadcasting on January 1, 2021, Exxen announced that it reached 1 million users in the days we entered the summer months. Although the platform falls short in terms of content compared to its competitors such as Netflix, Champions League and Europa League After purchasing the broadcasting rights of the group matches, it attracted great attention from sports fans. As of today, the current Exxen subscription prices have been increased.

Exxen packages and current prices

Unlike services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney Plus, Exxen offers subscription packages with advertisements since its first release. Therefore, users who agree to see advertisements that are not long-term like on television can access content at much more affordable prices.

So, how have Exxen packages and current prices changed after the hike?

  • Advertised Exxen Membership – Monthly – 19.90 TL in its place 39.90 TL
  • Advertised Exxen Membership – Annually – 16.60 TL x 12 in its place 33.50 TL x 12
  • Ad-Free Exxen Membership – Monthly – 29.90 TL in its place 54.90 TL
  • Ad-Free Exxen Membership – Annually – 24.90 TL x 12 in its place 45.90 TL x 12

Netflix price will drop in half!  Here is the new package

Netflix price will drop in half! Here is the new package

The price of the advertising subscription service that will be brought by Netflix, the world’s most popular digital streaming platform, has emerged this year.

Monthly fee of the advertised package 39.90 TL when you make an annual purchase 33.50 TLIt corresponds to . The price of the monthly package without ads is 54.90 TL determined as . If you want to buy the ad-free package annually, the monthly amount 45.90 TL‘eat falling.

In addition, you need to purchase an ExxenSpor membership to access sports competitions on Exxen. Memberships sold as Exxen + ExxenSpor can also be with and without ads is divided into two.

  • Advertised ExxenSpor Membership – Monthly – 49.80 TL in its place 119.90 TL
  • Advertised ExxenSpor Membership – Annually – 44.80 TL x 12 months in its place 94.90 TL x 12
  • Ad-Free ExxenSpor Subscription – Monthly – 69.80 TL in its place 134.90 TL
  • Ad-Free ExxenSpor Subscription – Annually – 54.80 TL x 12 months in its place 107.30 TL x 12

How to become an Exxen membership?

  • Firstly by clicking here ExxenLog in to the website of .
  • Then you see on the home page Name and surname and E-mail address Write your information in the sections and press the subscribe button.
  • Then create a password, your phone number enter and I accepted the contract Mark the button as selected and click the continue button.
  • For the verification process telephone or mail A password will be sent to you. However, you can skip this step if you wish.
  • appearing in front of you standard subscription or from sports packages Choose the one that suits you best and click proceed to the payment step.
  • Complete the payment by typing your card information in the last step.

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