Exciting moments at the queen’s coffin… Everyone watched in shock!

Creation Date: September 17, 2022 10:35

Westminster Hall, where the Queen’s funeral was opened to the public, was the scene of exciting moments last night. A man rushed through the crowd to the queen’s coffin, causing the security forces to be alarmed.


Queen of England, the longest reigning monarch in England. Elizabeth passed away on Thursday last week.

One of the biggest ceremonies in British history is expected to be held for the queen, who died after her 70-year reign. will be held on Monday funeral While the preparations for the ceremony continue, the queen’s body was moved from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall 3 days ago and opened to the public.

Those who wanted to see the coffin of the queen, which will be open to visitors at all hours of the day until the Monday morning, when the funeral ceremony will be held, flocked to London from all over the country.


The number of people waiting to see the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, which was opened to the public in Westminster Hall, reached a record number.


The government announced that after the queue of people waiting in line exceeded 8 kilometers, it stopped the queues for at least six hours.

Queue of those who want to see the queen

The queue stretches from Westminster to Southwark Park in south London.

A statement from the government’s Culture, Media and Sports Unit “Southwark Park has filled to capacity. Queuing will be stopped for at least six hours. Please don’t try to queue until it reopens,” expressions were used.

It is stated that those waiting to see the Queen’s funeral spent at least 14 hours in the queue.

Exciting moments at the queen's coffin... Everyone watched in shock.


Westminster Hall, which has been visited by thousands of people since Tuesday evening, was the scene of exciting moments last night.

Last night at around 10 am local time, an unidentified man started to run towards the coffin, rushing through the mourning citizens. When the man knocked down the 7-year-old girl next to him, the woman next to them began to scream.


The hall, where intense security measures were taken, suddenly became an alarm.

After the man placed his hands on the queen’s coffin, he was overpowered by the security forces and taken into custody.

Exciting moments at the queen's coffin... Everyone watched in shock.


Footage posted on social media shows the man being handcuffed by the police while he was lying on the ground.

The aunt of the 7-year-old boy, whom the man knocked down, stated that they were shocked by the incident. “Suddenly he started running, he lifted the rope around the coffin and went inside, tugging at the flag. The cops caught him within two seconds, it was absolutely horrible and disrespectful. This is my poor niece’s only memory of the queen.” said.

Exciting moments at the queen's coffin... Everyone watched in shock.

7-year-old girl knocked down by the arrested suspectclass=”medianet-inline-adv”>

In a statement on the subject, the security forces announced that the man was arrested for disrupting public order, while eyewitnesses said that visitors burst into tears after the incident.

Exciting moments at the queen's coffin... Everyone watched in shock.

People watched the event in shock…


On the other hand, it turned out that a delegation from the Chinese government was not allowed to visit the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to information obtained by the BBC, Speaker of the House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle has banned the visit of the Chinese delegation due to China’s sanctions against seven British parliamentarians.

On the other hand, China will also be represented at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, which will be held on Monday.


China is expected to attend the funeral at the vice-presidential level.

Exciting moments at the queen's coffin... Everyone watched in shock.

King Charles and his brothers stood guard by their mother’s coffin


It has been announced that Prince Harry will also wear a military uniform during the vigil that his grandchildren will hold at the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II on Saturday evening.

It was stated that at the special request of King Charles III, Prince William of Wales and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, will both stand guard in their military uniforms.

Prince Harry, who decided to relinquish his senior duties in the Royal Family last year and move to the United States with his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, did not wear a military uniform during the parade when Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was taken from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.

Exciting moments at the queen's coffin... Everyone watched in shock.

Three of the Queen’s four children walking behind her coffin and Prince William were seen wearing uniforms, while Prince Andrew, who was involved in the sex scandal and was thus removed from the active Royal Family, was seen in plain clothes.class=”media-inline-adv”>

It was a question of whether Prince Harry would wear a military uniform at his funeral.

Coffin With permission to wear a military uniform during his watch, Prince Harry will be seen in uniform for the first time since leaving his Royal Family duties in 2020.

All the Queen’s grandchildren will attend the 15-minute vigil at the head of the coffin.


It was learned that Olena Zelenska, the wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, will represent Ukraine at the Queen’s funeral.

While the 44-year-old First Lady is expected to return to her country immediately after attending the ceremony, Zelenski, who has not left her country since the beginning of the war, is not expected to accompany his wife.