Everyone who applies will be given 1000 TL only once today and tomorrow!

It is stated that an aid campaign of 1000 TL will be offered to the people within the advantageous opportunities. This means that applicants’ accounts will be paid in a short time! These opportunities, which will be offered to individuals only once, are expected to be offered within advantageous opportunities in every respect. In this way, people will benefit from a quality service opportunity in every respect. It is expected that 1000 TL aid opportunities will be offered only to those who will apply.

Consistent Information Matters!

After completing the application process, people will have access to the experience of performing their transactions in very fast conditions. Applications will be made through the e-government system within the time frame you wish, on weekdays and weekends. You can complete your application process quickly and easily via e-government. This campaign, which will be presented to those who will apply, is expected to reach a record level of participation.

Everyone who applies will be given 1000 TL only once today and tomorrow1

In order for the applications to be concluded positively, the applicants must meet certain criteria. The most important element of detail among these certain criteria comes to the fore as being a Turkish citizen. Anyone who is a Turkish citizen and has a low-income household can perform their transactions. Thus, it benefits from a privileged service advantage. In the meantime, it is stated that this aid, which is planned to be made, will be made only once; In order to benefit from the assistance, you must not miss the application deadline!

Everyone who applies will be given 1000 TL only once today and tomorrow 1 1

Only 1 Time

If you want your application to result in a positive and healthy progress, you must pay attention to the consistency of information. Information consistency is a very important process, applications of people who do not have information consistency are not included in the evaluation stage. Thus, the applications of individuals are evaluated in a negative way.

It is expected that the services to be offered to people with low-income families will be realized within the advantageous opportunities in every respect, in the result of the positive result of the application. People who will benefit from 1000 TL aid opportunities are expected to benefit from these aids only once. Thus, individuals will have the opportunity to access opportunities to benefit from a privileged service amount.