Everyone was waiting for him to say goodbye to Galatasaray! Okan Buruk prevented the transfer

It was claimed that Yusuf Demir, who was transferred to Galatasaray at the beginning of the season with the approval of Okan Buruk and with a transfer fee of 6 million euros, would be rented at halftime. The 19-year-old player could not find the chance to play regularly due to both injuries and the foreign border. The separation allegations in the press were put to an end. It was learned that the coach Okan Buruk did not want to leave and said, “He will help us during the season. We will benefit from his talent both in the cup and in the championship walk in the league.” In addition, the player’s manager also denied the separation allegations by making a statement on the subject.


For the 19-year-old football player, who has recently been told that he will be transferred on loan, in the statement made by the management company to which the player is affiliated, it was stated that these news do not reflect the truth.

The explanation for Yusuf Demir is as follows;

“The loan transfer news for Yusuf is absolutely not true. A lot of nonsense has been written. Galatasaray is not a two-month project. Anyone who knows football knows that it is not easy to beat players like Belgium’s Dries Mertens and Spain’s Juan Mata. In any case, Yusuf Demir is in a good mood. in and willing to show himself.”

Yusuf Demir, who took the field in 6 official matches in Galatasaray this season, could not contribute to the score.

The contract of the young football player, who caused controversy due to his foreign status after his transfer, continues until 2026 with Galatasaray.