Everyone living in Europe knows well the huge difference between the announced 8-9 percent rate and actual inflation.

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President and AKP Chairperson Tayyip Erdogan, While expressing that the economic crisis is worldwide, Many countries from America to Europe have to struggle with the highest inflation rates of the last 40 50 years. Everyone living in these countries is well aware of the huge difference between the figures announced as 8-9 percent and the actual inflation rates. he said.

Speaking at the AKP extended provincial chairpersons meeting, President Erdoğan once again pointed to the end of the year to see the strengthening of the economy.

Erdogan instructed AKP members to “not be cut off from the nation” and to explain what was done. Erdogan, “I believe in you, we will continue on this path with determination. We are not disconnected from the nation, but remember, there cannot be politics, politicians or administrators disconnected from the nation,” he said. he said.

While Erdogan also targeted the opposition criticizing the social housing project, “Those who talked about housing shortage and high rent until yesterday, what did you do? You have 14 metropolitan mayors, what did you do? I was the mayor in Istanbul… I founded KİPTAŞ, I made our citizens a house owner. What did you do? CHP and co. they neither serve nor allow the one who serves” he said.

“Those who seek to make HDP a partner in power have traces of blood spilled on their hands”

Headlines from Erdogan’s statement are as follows:

“Last night in Mersin, PKK scoundrels martyred one of our police officers and wounded another. The terrorists got what they deserved immediately. Whichever of these terrorists you follow, either by calling HDP or CHP’s journalist, politician, NGO representative. Those who seek to legitimize the HDP by stigmatizing it and making it a partner in power have traces of blood spilled in every terrorist attack, and there will be.

“We want peace, we want peace”

The same is true for western countries. It is a threat to the security of these states that the terrorists, whose heads we have destroyed Qandil and Syria, receive more protection from Western countries. The snake eventually stings the outstretched hand. The place of the terrorist is not the streets, but the courts and prisons, where they will pay for the blood they have spilled. We expect all countries to take the necessary measures against terrorist organizations without any discrimination. We do not approve of the Aegean and the Mediterranean being polluted with human blood, tears or enmity. We want peace, we want peace. We want stability and trust in our homeland and in our region. our disputes; We want to solve it on the basis of international law, in an equitable manner, through dialogue. We have always argued that; We neither eat our rights nor feed our rights.

We do not hesitate to defend the interests of our nation and our Turkish Cypriot brothers in the Blue Vatan. While emphasizing diplomacy on the one hand, we are also strengthening our defense industry, which follows in the footsteps of Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha.

Turkey is one of the 10 countries in the world that nationally designs and builds a warship.

Reaction to Tunç Soyer

While some make the day of liberation of Izmir from Greeks a day of insult to the Ottoman Empire, we are trying to be worthy of our ancestors with visionary projects. While some seek political premiums with overt enmity towards Sultan Abdulhamit Han, we show respect to all of our ancestors. While someone imitates the West and curses their ancestors, we protect all our values ​​without getting into a complex. We will not applaud the oppressor, we will not love the oppressor, and we will not be among those who curse our past for the pleasure of those who come.

We know the intentions of those who provoked Greece to attack us. Our country will not compromise its defense; but we will not give in to dirty scenarios to distract us. On the one hand, we will not deviate from our goals while declaring the limitless people their place. The weapons piled up in Western Thrace and the islands mean nothing to us. Our strength and possibilities are far beyond these. But we would like to remind you that this situation means a secret occupation for the country in question.

Do you think the support from America and Europe will save you? It doesn’t save… You just skate.

“The whole world is struggling with serious crises”

The geography, including our country, is going through painful days. The whole world is struggling with serious crises from terrorism to conflicts, from food to drought, from rising Islam and xenophobia to climate change. While the health-related dimension of the epidemic is left behind, the destruction it caused in the global economy is gradually coming to light. Before the economic balance sheet of the epidemic was fully revealed, everything became more complicated with the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Many countries from America to Europe have to struggle with the highest inflation rates of the last 40 50 years. Everyone living in these countries is well aware of the huge difference between the figures announced as 8-9 percent and the actual inflation rates. The negative effects of the Russia-Ukraine war began to be felt in different areas. Some are emptying the shelves, some are laying off their personnel… As winter approaches, great fear has gripped the Western world. Some people advise to go to Antalya.

“Those who say Turkey is getting lonely are sitting in a corner”

We determine our steps in line with our own priorities and the interests of our nation, without coming to anyone’s reprieve. Those who accuse us of this policy in the first days of the war confirm that we are right. Those who criticize our balanced attitude with instructions are compelled to appreciate us. Those who say ‘Turkey is becoming isolated, ostracized, cut off from the world’ are now sitting in a corner with their tails bent.

Despite the opposition of the opposition, the correctness of the decisions we made is better understood with every incident. The same is true in the economy. Just as Turkey overcame the health crisis dimension of the epidemic, it also successfully manages the negative repercussions of the global economic crisis. While other countries are struggling with the threat of recession and unemployment as well as inflation, both our labor force participation and employment rates are increasing. After the New Year, we will see the figures in the economy, stability and walking by getting stronger together.

“We break records in exports every month”

We caught the pre-epidemic periods in industrial production, agriculture, tourism… We break records in exports every month. Airports in Europe are going through crisis after crisis, our aviation industry is experiencing the most successful days in its history. We are reaping the fruits of our strategic steps in energy. We do not leave our citizens alone in the face of inflation and high cost of living. We protect our nation by expanding our social assistance umbrella, supporting all segments, easing the burden of employers, increasing the opportunities we provide to young people, and using all the tools available to our state.

After the cabinet meeting yesterday, we shared our good news about many segments. We are determined not to oppress our citizens to inflation during this troubled period. Of course, it is as important as our services to explain them to our nation. We will do this with you. Don’t keep what you heard from me, you should tell it everywhere you go.

“There is no room for relaxation in politics”

Just as life does not accept a vacuum, there is no room for relaxation in politics. Every void we leave is destined to be filled with lies and delusions by those around us. Our ancestors said that a lie travels the world until it gets up from the right place. Those who do business in the political arena, those who produce works and services, need to be braver and more diligent than anyone else. As we approach 2023, it is understood that the opposition, whose only capital is lies and slander, will resort to different ways. Those who cannot compete with us in the project; they find the solution by slandering our projects.

Social housing project reaction to the opposition

We saw the last example of this in our social housing project. We have taken a historic step to balance the rising rent and housing prices and to meet the needs of our nation. As a government that has built 1 million 170 thousand residences in 20 years, we came before our nation with my first home, my first workplace project. The opposition, by ignoring our 1 million 170 thousand houses, is now throwing mud at these new houses that we will build. We have proven it. We’re not doing anything that isn’t there. We have built 1 million 170 thousand houses and delivered them to their owners… This project, in which we allocated a special quota for our youth, retirees, disabled people, martyrs and veterans, was favored by a record number of applications.

Those who talked about housing shortage and high rent until yesterday, what did you do? You have 14 metropolitan mayors, what did you do? I also served as mayor in Istanbul… I founded KİPTAŞ, I made our citizens a home owner. What did you do? You can’t do it… There’s nothing you can do… Just slander, lies, deception… They tried to slander the project, and made many scandalous statements admitting their dishonesty. CHP and its company neither serve nor allow those who serve. Even what happened in the last 2 weeks is enough to show the difference in vision and horizon between us and the freaking 6-table table. While Turkey’s greatest chance is the AK Party and the People’s Alliance, its biggest misfortune is this wedge opposition. Hopefully, the 2023 elections will be a milestone in which the politics of wedges will be thrown into the wastebasket along with many turning points in our country.

For this, we and the provincial heads of the AK Party have important duties. We will not get tired of doing 3 things; 1- Democracy and development breakthroughs that we have brought to our country in the last 20 years. 2- These are our works and services that touch the lives of people from all walks of life. 3- While the opposition is killing time with words, we explain that we are the only political movement that has a dream, program and project for the future of our country with the vision of 2053…

When we tell these to our nation and enter their hearts, let me give the good news in 2023, we can face the Presidential and Parliamentary elections with a record number of votes.

I believe… As I believe, we will succeed in this with Allah’s permission. If we try to do politics by arguing from where we sit, as the opposition has always done and repeated today, we will not be able to avoid their fate.

I believe in you, we will continue on this path we believe in. We are not disconnected from the nation, but remember, politics, politicians, administrators cannot and cannot be disconnected from the nation. It is our nation that established the AK Party, brought it to power and sustains it, and hopefully, in 2023, it will be responsible for power again.