Evacuation warning for 8 million people against typhoon Nanmadol in Japan

Influenced by typhoon Nanmadol in East Asia JapanMore than 8 million people were warned to evacuate.

In Japan, the Meteorology Agency (JMA) has a level 5 warning against the Nanmadol typhoon, which is effective in the southern Kyushu region.

Within the scope of the 5-code warning, the highest of the disaster warning system, 3.7 million households and approximately 8 million people were called to evacuate.

The calls covered the Kyushu, Shikoku, and Chuugoku regions. It was stated that the typhoon could reach the mainland Honshu by heading north of Kyushu.

It was noted that “Nanmadol, which is defined as the 14th typhoon that occurred in the country this year, will carry linear moving precipitation to different points.

Convening his cabinet, Prime Minister Kishida Fumio asked the public to take shelter at the evacuation points immediately “if the slightest danger is detected”.

In its previous warning, the JMA noted that “an unprecedented level of storm” would lead to record rainfall across the region.

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