Europe’s largest nuclear power plant! The delegation reached the city for the critical decision.

“The power plant should come under the full control of Ukraine”

Recalling that the delegation will conduct inspections at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, Ukrainian Energy Minister German Galuchenko said on his social media account, “We appreciate the efforts of Rafael Grossi and his delegation to ensure the nuclear security of the world against the extraordinary threats posed by the attacks of the Russian army. “The power plant must come under the full control of Ukraine. After the occupation of the power plant, the disarmament of the power plant area will be the most important step. The work of all mission officers is of great importance not only for the nuclear security of Ukraine but also for the entire world,” he said.

While the Ukrainian side announced that the delegation’s investigations in the region could take a few days, the Russian side shared the opinion that one day would be sufficient for the examinations in the statement made yesterday. While the conflicts between the Russian and Ukrainian forces in and around the power plant caused concerns about nuclear leakage, it was announced that the IAEA officials were on their way to the power plant on 29 August in order to control the situation at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant.


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