Europe’s food crisis is in the hands of Putin and Erdogan

President of Russia Putin, Most of the grain in Ukraine is poor. not to countries but to EU countries change of grain route by specifying said it should. “This is developing only a percentage of those sent to countries tip” who says Putin, the destinations of the products President to limit Tayyip Erdogan He said he would meet with her. Putin and increasing global food problems. possible and that a humanitarian catastrophe is imminent. he also said.
After energy, Russia is now bringing the food trump card to the table. While Europe has not yet found ways to cope with the cold, the food crisis has come to its doorstep. The grain corridor agreement signed under the auspices of Turkey and the United Nations expires in November.
At the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit to be held in Uzbekistan Tayyip Erdogan and Putin’is expected to reconsider the terms of the grain agreement. Putin’Among the demands of the company is that more Russian grain is sold. We can already say that whatever will be discussed in Shanghai, these conditions will not be in favor of Europe. stomach of europe Erdogan with Putin’in hand.

President Erdogan’for Greece “One night suddenly we can come” The reaction to his words naturally came from the USA, which holds the strings of Greece. The US Department of State, which took care of Greece, its new favorite after the PKK/YPG, “The sovereignty of every country and territorial integrity must be respected and they must be protected. of Greece His sovereignty over these islands cannot be questioned. he declared. We have only one thing to say to America: “Keep Greece’s thread short. We could have an accident.”
On the other hand, whether the political extensions of the PKK, which has fallen out of favor with the United States in domestic politics, will be given ministerial positions, and Kilicdaroglu’The issue of candidacy is discussed. The situation is so confused at the six table that there are even those who say that the debate will continue until the last moment of the nomination period to the Supreme Election Board. The reason is very dramatic. “If announced early, our candidate wear out” they say. Since the 24 June 2018 elections, that is, about 5 years ago, he announced his candidacy. Recep Tayyip Erdogan’come out in front of “I’m a candidate” Is it that hard to have the courage to say?

President Erdogan’s Balkan tour started on Tuesday. Yesterday’s stop of this important visit, which started in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was Serbia. Important statements were made about the mutual trade volume. I think most importantly, after Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will now be able to go to Serbia with mutual identity cards. Erdogan, He gave very striking answers to questions about the Ukraine-Russia War. Moreover, he said that what has been done to corner Russia has led to an energy and supply crisis all over the world. He also had a criticism of the West: “Scrap, not weapons, to Ukraine you’re sending.”
The Balkans is a very important geography for us. A legacy of the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic. Maybe it is no longer within our borders, but protecting this geography is a historical responsibility. President Erdogan, By keeping relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia warm, it tries to prevent a conflict environment that has the potential to erupt in the region. As in Russia-Ukraine relations, these are very sensitive foreign policy steps. world leaders on diplomacy. Erdogan’He has a lot to learn from.